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DoD had a direct hand in the introduction of covid countermeasures

the introduction of covid countermeasures

It is already common knowledge that the (DoD) had a direct hand in the introduction of “covid countermeasures,” which included the so-called “vaccine.”

When asked “What was the involvement of DoD in covid countermeasures,” the AI Chat Bot disclosed the whole hoax involving covid. was a bioweapons program run by the military that was designed to impose a harsh dictatorship on the whole planet.

The artificial intelligence chatbot said, “The Defense Department (DoD) played a crucial role in the creation of measures to COVID-19, the sickness caused by the new coronavirus.” During the response to the epidemic, the Department of Defense (DoD) collaborated closely with other government departments, including as the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS).

“Providing logistical assistance and medical supplies to aid healthcare professionals and first responders in the front line of the pandemic was one of the most important responsibilities that the Department of Defense played in the COVID-19 response,” In addition, efforts were made by the Department of Defense (DoD) to create and deliver personal protection equipment (PPE) as well as other supplies to assist response activities.

The Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot also disclosed that the Department of Defense “provided resources and funding to support the development of inoculations and treatments” for covid, with the Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA) and its “Rapid Response Research” program being among those resources.

The conclusion that the AI Chat Bot reached in its answer was as follows: “Overall, the Department of Defense played a significant role in the reaction to the COVID-19 epidemic by providing logistical assistance, medical resources, and financing for research and development initiatives to battle the illness.”

According to the evidence available, the money that the government spent on “covid countermeasures” was only used for “demonstrations” and “prototypes,” and it was ALL FAKE.
This is significant because it has a connection to the revelations that were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act Requests (FOIA) and SEC disclosure requirements concerning the use of taxpayer money to purchase covid countermeasures via “Other Transactions Authority” (OTA) contracts. These revelations concerned the spending of taxpayer money.

These OTA contracts are evidence of the government’s extensive participation in the covid pandemic. They refer to the company’s anti-virus methods as “demonstrations” and “prototypes” exclusively, which means that none of them were actual products.

According to Sasha Latypova, reporting for Due Diligence and Art, “In other words, the United States Government and the Department of Defense expressly commissioned a phony theatre production from the pharmaceutical makers.”

“Just to make extra certain that the pharmaceutical companies are free to conduct the fraudulent activity, the contracts also include removal of any and all liability for the producers as well as any contractors along distribution and supply chain in accordance with the 2005 PREP Act or related federal legislation,”

Because their financing is exempt from regulation, the employment of OTA agreements was strategic and deliberate. This was done for a particular reason. When compared to the traditional methods of government contracting, the level of financial responsibility that is connected to OTA contracts is quite low.

According to Latypova states, “Other” is a catchall term that does not include a contract, a research grant, a purchase, or anything else that would be considered generally regulated or responsible government contracting.

When it comes to the so-called “vaccinations,” the use of OTA contracts circumvents the typical safety and effectiveness standards for vaccines, such as the need to comply with Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP). Because of this, the photos were able to be launched at a breakneck pace in a matter of months rather than over the course of several years.

Pfizer and Moderna, both of which are in the pharmaceutical business, along with the Israeli government & BioNTech, were all parties to these contracts. Pfizer and the US Food and Drug Agency (FDA) sought to keep those deals a secret for the following 75 years, but they were unable to do so. The scheme had been carefully crafted over a period of years in advance and pushed through the system by deceptive tactics.

“Behind the scenes, the ‘official enemies’ are stakeholders and co-investors into ‘joint ventures’ against us, citizens of the world,” Latypova exposes how it is one massive shadowy and sleazy cabal versus the rest of us. “Behind the scenes, the ‘official enemies’ are partners or co-investors into ‘joint ventures’ against us, people of the world.”

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