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According to the White House, Ukraine will get MORE Military Aid

John Kirby, a spokesperson for the United States National Security Council, stated on Wednesday that the Biden government was getting ready to release additional packages of military support for the besieged soldiers of Kiev. This comment was made by Kirby one week since President Joe Biden authorized a historic weapons shipment with a value of over $3 billion.

At a news conference, Kirby stated that there would be announcements about further military aid in the following days.

The forthcoming assistance programs will most likely be funded by the $40 billion in economic and military support that was authorized for Ukrainians by a bill that was enacted by Parliament last May.

Since the enactment of the bill, the United States has been providing assistance in near-weekly installments; the most recent tranche, which totaled $2.98 billion, was the largest one to date.

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MORE Military Aid

Despite the fact that it is not entirely obvious what the United States hopes to achieve as a result of its involvement in the fight, Biden has pledged to continue funding Ukraine’s armed forces for “as long as necessary. Despite the fact that Biden wrote earlier this year that the United States does NOT intend to prolong the conflict, only to inflict damage on Russia,” he has declared his intention to trigger a coup d’etat in Moscow. His secretary of defense also mentioned that weakening Moscow is one of the primary goals of the United States.

According to an article published in June by the Washington Post, officials working for Biden have claimed they are prepared to risk the danger of “a global recession and increasing famine” in order to oppose Moscow.

It is not clear how much of a contribution the shipment of these American weapons has made to Ukraine’s ability to fend off Russian soldiers. The long-awaited counter-offensive that Ukraine had planned to launch in the southern part of the country this week ended in a disastrous defeat for the nation.

Moscow claimed that they had destroyed at least 130 Ukrainian tanks but also armored vehicles in only one day and mowed down more than 1,200 Ukrainian ground forces.

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