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Catholic Mother of two Passed away from Thrombosis after getting Jabbed

Catholic Mother of two Passed away from Thrombosis after getting Jabbed

A Catholic mother of two passed away from thrombosis after getting jabbed, those that tried to share her story had their tweets flagged as “deceptive” by Twitter.

” Jessica Berg Wilson, 37, out of Seattle, Wash., died suddenly Sept. 7th, 2021, from COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) surrounded by her caring family,” the mortuary tribute shared. Oregon Live released the death announcement between October 1st and October 3rd on its web page.

VITT is a blood clot condition. The death notice did not share what firm’s injection Taylor got.

Surge to receive a third shot of the BioNTech/Pfizer injection

Wilson did not want the shot, yet did this due to the fact that the state of Washington demands academic institution volunteers to get fully vaccinated.

Wilson took pleasure in volunteering as a “Room Mom” for her little girls.

” During the course of the final weeks of her life, however, the entire world turned dark with oppressive vaccination requirements or measures”.

“Regional with state governing administration were determined to remove her voice and liberty. She had been emphatically resisted getting the vaccination, however, recognizing that she was actually in great overall health and even of a young age and therefore never in danger, well, according to health officials, she decided to take that shot that cost her, her life”.

” In her mind, the known and unknown dangers of the unproven vaccination were even more of a danger. Still, gradually, each day, her freedom to choose was removed,” the obit read.

Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine connected To Severe Health Issues

” Her enthusiasm to be included in her kids’ education and learning – that included being a Room Mom – was certainly, once more, obstructed by state and federal government mandate,” the obituary claimed. “Inevitably, those individuals that shut doors and split up parents from their youngsters won. It cost Jessica her life.”

Now they are coming for your children as young as 5…

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