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Ukraine and the Shadow Government Power Structure

shadow government

The “special operation” turned “demilitarization” effort that Russia is carrying out in Ukraine is so distressing to the shadow government power structure that is trying to oppress its West that the Intelligence community is now going to threaten nuclear war if Putin somehow doesn’t immediately pull back those Russian troops from Ukraine.

This is because the Russian government’s actions in Ukraine are so upsetting to the shadow government’s power structure.

The shadow government power structure exposed

In its recently released “National Defense Strategy,” the Pentagon has declared that it will not be bound by any restrictions regarding the use of nuclear weapons in the circumstance that Russian President Vladimir Putin disobeys its commands to leave Ukraine alone to continue its biological weapons labs, laundering money operations, and other activities associated with the deep state.

So, what exactly is going on in Ukraine right now?

In a long-awaited document, the Department of Defense (DoD) made a startling announcement: “By the 2030s, the US will, for the first ever time in its history, confront two nuclear powers as tactical rivals and potential adversaries.” This second power, of course, refers to communist China. “By the 2030s, the United States would then, for the very first time, confront 2 major nuclear powers. Insanity at its best to say the least.

The next part of the memo explains how the United States would react to this by saying that they will “keep a very high standard for nuclear employment.” This might include launching a nuclear strike in answer to a non-nuclear tactical threat posed either to the “homeland” or to U.S. armed personnel and their allies stationed outside the country.

After having claimed that they would only deploy nuclear weapons in reaction to a genuine nuclear assault, Biden has been caught in LIES once again.

These assertions made by the Department of Defense fly in the middle of what Fake President Joe Biden promised during his presidential election campaign in 2020 when he declared that the United States would only employ nuclear weapons in retaliation for the use of nuclear weapons by an adversary.

the shadow government power structure

The secret global elite

Supercomputers that store every aspect of your life, surveillance cameras, satellites that see everything you do, and an invisible worldwide conspiracy.

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