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Breastfeeding Baby Contracted a High Fever After Mom Got a COVID-19 Injection and DIED

A 6-week old Breastfeeding baby contracted a high fever after mom got a COVID-19 injection and died a few days later with blood clotting or “inflamed veins” according to a document submitted to the government.

An unnamed 36-year-old female out of New Mexico claimed she got a shot of Pfizer’s Covid-19 injection on June 4th, 2021, when she was still nursing her six-week-old baby boy, according to a document submitted to the Vaccination Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

” On July 17th, a child died,” says the document, that initially turned up on VAERS on Aug 13th, 2021.

Blood clotting, swollen veins

The infant ended up being “extremely ill by having a very high temperature” during June 21st when he was cared for using intravenous antibiotics for a couple of weeks inside the medical center of what was presumed as being microbial contamination.

The VAERS document points out that hospital assessments “at no time discovered any type of specified microorganisms,” and called his medical diagnosis “culture-negative sepsis.” By the end of his two-week emergency room stay the child tested positive for rhinovirus and was sent home.

Back home, the infant got additional symptoms over the week or so, consisting of an inflamed eyelid, “unusual rashes” and even throwing up. His mom returned him to the healthcare facility on July 1th5 when the child was identified as having “atypical Kawasaki condition”

The Center defines Kawasaki illness as a disorder mainly impacting youngsters triggerings swelling (inflammatory reaction) throughout the walls of medium-sized veins all throughout the human body.

Coronary veins, that provide blood to the heart have a tendency to get most impacted, however, the condition can likewise have an effect on lymph nodules that puff up or swell up during the course of infection as well as the membrane layers in the child’s mouth, nostrils, including the throat.

The majority of cases of Kawasaki condition are “typically treatable and most kids recuperate from it without having severe complications,” basing on the Medical clinic internet site.

Soon after the infant was returned back to the medical facility on July 15th, he “died from coagulums having seriously swollen veins,” specifies the VAERS document that improperly shows the mom’s age, 36 yrs, instead of the age of the deceased baby.

A couple of additional facts regarding the situation.

His mom reports that the baby was born 3 weeks earlier and had appendicitis.

In the VAERS file, this woman questioned the passing of her child. “I am curious if the spike protein might have moved through the breast milk and triggered an inflamed reaction for my child. These experts claim Kawasaki condition is similar to the Multi-System Inflamed Disorder in youngsters in post-Covid conditions”.

” Having said that, assuming that these experts realized or knew that antitoxins go through the breastmilk as being a good thing, at that point why wouldn’t the spike protein likewise move through the breastmilk and possibly create issues.” Sadly NO response was given by these experts…

Spike protein within breastmilk?

Around May, Canadian vaccination analyst and viral immunologist Byram Bridle, of Guelph, Ontario, cautioned audiences of a podcast that breastfeeding infants whose moms had been immunized were actually at risk of acquiring COVID spike proteins directly from breast milk.

Bridle mentioned a Pfizer “biodistribution research study” of the lipid nanoparticle carrier within vaccinations that revealed the components did not remain close to the injection site in the upper arm muscular tissue as planned, however, all of a sudden spread to body organs all throughout the body.

Assuming that in a real-life situation, these kinds of lipoproteins might discharge mRNA that might trigger cells no matter where they were in order to create spike proteins. These spike proteins on their own have certainly been recognized as the pathogenic agents of disease inside COVID-19.

Bridle likewise pointed out a current research study that spotted SARS-CoV-2 protein within the bloodstream plasma of 11 of 13 younger health care employees who had gotten Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccination, consisting of 3 with clear amounts of the spike protein. A “subunit” protein referred to as S1, a component of the spike protein, was likewise discovered.

Bridle claimed that “any kind of proteins within the bloodstream is going to get centered or concentrated in breast milk,” and “our experts discovered confirmation of suckling babies experiencing hemorrhage conditions inside the intestinal region” in VAERS.

One VAERS document shows a five-month-old breastfed baby whose mom was given a 2nd dosage of Pfizer’s vaccination back in March. The next day, the infant developed a rash and even ended up being “inconsolable,” rejected by the nurse, and developed a high temperature.

The report mentions the infant was hospitalized with a medical diagnosis of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, an uncommon bloodstream condition wherein blood clotting creates or forms tiny blood vessels all over the physical body. The infant passed away.

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