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Trump slams Biden’s address speech, calling it “awkward and hostile.”

Donald Trump has responded to the most recent address given by Joe Biden by characterizing it as “awkward and hostile.” After the president described the (MAGA) ideology as an “extremism that continues to threaten the very foundation” of the United States of America, the previous leader brought into question Biden’s mental and physical condition in a comment on his Truth Social profile on Friday. He made the comments in response to the president’s comments.

During his primetime address on Thursday somewhere at Independence National Historic Site in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden stated that Republican Party was being “dominated, influenced, and coerced by Trump and the MAGA Republican voters.” He labeled Trump and the MAGA Republican party as representatives of an “extreme ideology” and then a “danger to this nation.” Biden’s comments came after he said that the Republican Party was now being “dominated, pushed, and coerced by Trump and also the MAGA Republicans.”

Additionally, the leader of the United States accused Trump & his followers of disobeying the law, attempting to impede democratic elections, and dragging the country backward in terms of individual liberties and rights. “Republicans who support the MAGA agenda don’t really respect the Constitution. They did not subscribe to the notion that laws should be followed.

According to what he claimed, “they did not recognize the wishes of the people.” Biden stated, “They refuse to accept the outcomes of a free election,” implying that MAGA Republicans will once again attempt to rig the votes” in the upcoming elections of 2022 and the presidential election of 2024.

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Trump slams Biden’s address speech

In response to the allegations, President Trump, who is now 79 years old, suggested that President Biden is experiencing cognitive impairment. “Someone should explain to Joe, slowly but with a lot of passion, that MAGA means “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” If he does not intend to “Make America Great Again,” which is clear from his words, actions, and thoughts, then he has no business leading the country, and he should not “Trump said.

Biden stirs up Americans against ‘MAGA extremists’

The former President of the United States continued by pointing out that during his “awkward and angry” address, Biden had effectively threatened to use military force against the United States. “He must be struggling from later-stage dementia or be completely mad!”

Other prominent members of the MAGA movement and Republicans have also spoken out against the rhetoric used by Vice President Joe Biden in his address on Thursday. They claim that Trump has broken his promise to try to bring the nation together and instead selected to backstab the opponents by labeling the ideology of the MAGA movement as “semi-fascism.”
Kevin McCarthy, the majority leader of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives, tweeted: “Rather than attempting to bring our great nation together to actually fix its Many issues Biden created, he chosen to split, dehumanize, and badmouth his fellow Citizens because they disapprove with his policies.”

During this time, Georgia u.s. representative Marjorie Taylor Greene also shared a video that makes Joe Biden’s most recent speech appear as if it were delivered by Adolf Hitler. This leads one to believe that Biden’s handlers have decided to use “Hitler imagery” in order to make the “frail, weak, and dementia-ridden” US leader look “tough.”

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