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The strategy that will result in the Annihilation of the Whole Planet

the Annihilation of the Whole Planet

There is abundant proof that the world’s most powerful people are still working on a strategy that will result in the annihilation of the whole planet.

According to a story by The New York Times, earlier this week, a widespread power outage in Pakistan left millions of people without access to heat, and most of the country was left in the dark as a result:

On Monday, a large power outage swept over Pakistan, leaving millions of people without access to energy. It was the longest power outage in recent history, and its occurrence once again brought attention to Pakistan’s aging and badly maintained power infrastructure.

In recent years, Pakistan has already been plagued by regular power outages and blackouts, and the most recent one to affect the country’s population started around 7:34 a.m. on Monday. By late evening, a significant portion of the nation remained obscured by nightfall. After eight hours, the electricity was brought back on in certain areas of the capital city of Islamabad as well as the nearby city of Rawalpindi, according to the officials.

“There was total chaos in the health center due to the power outage,” Akram Shah, a 45-year-old fabrics civil servant who had chosen to take his sick mother to a state-run Abbasi Shaheed Clinic in Karachi, reported to the Times. Akram Shah had taken his mother to the hospital because the hospital was run by the government. The majority of the people who were undergoing medical procedures and examinations at the hospitals were instructed to return the next day.

It is practically hard to construct new power plants as well as the infrastructure necessary to supply electricity to clients on a global scale because of the widespread propagation of the hoax that is “climate change” and other radical left-wing environmental regulations. As a result of this, the operators of nuclear power plants are now being necessitated to rely increasingly on older facilities that have already continued operating far beyond the 40-year lifespan that was originally projected for them. Some plant owners are really considering extending the lifespan of their facilities to 80 or even 100 years, which would be an economic and environmental disaster. It takes years to create new carbon-free nuclear reactors, but if governments started now, they might begin shutting down old nuclear facilities before 2030 or prior to the next Chornobyl disaster. But that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

The current power system in the United States is incapable of meeting the requirements of the nation’s growing demand for electricity, despite the continued promotion of electric vehicles by the Biden administration and the left wing of the Democratic party. It was only last week that a winter storm left millions of people living in the northeast of the United States without electricity, and it is going to take at least a few days to bring the lights and the heat back on for those people.

Even the financial markets in the United States are in jeopardy. According to a report by Zero Hedge, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) stated on Tuesday that it was “continuing to examine the ‘technical issue’ that triggered wild stock fluctuations at the market start Today as scores of large-cap firms abruptly dropped or soared during the botched opening auction.”

“impacted members may contemplate applying for Clearly Incorrect of Rule 18 claims,” the NY Stock Exchange, which would be actually situated in New Jersey, stated. “In a subset of symbol, the opening auction did not occur.” The exchange is making efforts to provide more clarity on the list of symbols.”

Bloomberg reported that a wave of sell orders trying to target financial services equities swept all over American equity transactions at the open of trading on Tuesday, sending companies such as Wells Fargo & Co. but also Morgan Stanley to brief and yet sharp plummets out of which they mostly recovered quickly. This occurred while officials were still working to start figuring out the glitch.

Ed Moya, a veteran market analyst at Oanda, commented to BBG that the situation is “a bit alarming.” “They are not your standard meme stocks, easily influenced corporations; rather, these are heavyweights like Morgan Stanley, Verizon, and AT&T,” the author says.

According to Jonathan Corpina, general manager partner at Meridian Equity Partners who frequently works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), “We do not have all the details so far, however, what it ends up looking like that certain stocks started opening and then were instantaneously or were incorrectly triggered for limit up/limit down, that also threw them into a halt status.” “We don’t have all the details yet,” he said.

He stated that all of our mobile devices were illuminating. “We are attempting to take calls from our consumers and attempt to explain to them exactly what occurred, what is going on, and transmit as much correct information as possible in order for them to comprehend what is occurring. However, as of the right moment, events are still developing.”

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