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Will Reducing Cancer with Daily Garlic Work?

Reducing Cancer with Daily Garlic – Because most scientists work the day shift and most vampires work the night shift, no one has ever tested whether or not garlic is effective at repelling them.

However, a far more dangerous threat than vampires may soon be on trial: cancer.

At least, that’s the conclusion drawn by two scientists after reviewing all the preliminary data on garlic and cancer.

They believe that it is now time to take the garlic out of its packaging (so to speak) & investigate its potential uses outside of the confines of the lab. This traditional folk treatment may hold the key to combating one of the greatest threats to human health today.

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We believe these scientists should be given careful consideration when they present their findings. First, both the United States Cancer Institute (Judith Dausch, PhD, R.D.) and also the American Cancer Society (J.D., et al (Daniel Nixon, M.D.).

Secondly, they have compiled a hundred references to prior research on garlic’s health benefits, particularly its anti-carcinogenic properties (a cancer fighter).

For the most part, what we know are the results of a series of laboratory research spanning 40 years, indicating that cancer is either stopped or diminished when garlic is combined with cancer cells, given to rodents, or infused into generated tumours.

So yet, there is no evidence that eating garlic may help humans either prevent cancer or mount an effective enough immune reaction to defeat an existing tumour.

Indirect research suggests garlic may have an anti-cancer impact in humans, though. This development has occurred quite recently. Earlier, Chinese research discovered that the incidence of stomach cancer was one-tenth as high in places where garlic intake was high (approximately 20 mg per day) as in places where garlic consumption was low.

The same impact was also identified in a second Chinese investigation that was funded in part by the US National Cancer Institute. Scientists studying lower abdomen rates in a location where it is frequently discovered that those who did eat the most garlic or similar vegetables, including onions and scallions, had a 40 per cent reduced incidence of the illness.

In addition, Dr Nixon notes, “liberal use of onions and garlic has also been connected with a lower risk of colon cancer for Japanese Hawaiians.” Additionally, researchers in Belgium found that those who ate more onions had a decreased chance of developing colon and rectal cancer.

In the late ’50s, researchers at Western Reserve University in Cleveland discovered that a chemical mimicking allicin, a major ingredient of garlic, had potent anti-cancer benefits in mice, and since then, the scientific world has been giving the garlic-cancer link a lot of attention.

Researchers in Florida discovered that those who consumed 2 to 3 heads of garlic daily for three weeks had significant increases in the activities of white blood cells classified as the natural killer cells. Cells from garlic eaters killed more than double as many cancer cells from non-garlic eaters when both sets of cells were cultured together in a petri dish.

Since garlic is natural and has few negative effects, the growing body of evidence supporting its use as a cancer treatment is promising. Some individuals may be allergic to garlic, and eating too much of it may lead to gastrointestinal distress and a peculiar odour emanating from the mouth. Garlic has been used in cooking for thousands of years, and although it may be dangerous if misused, it is generally considered a welcome complement to any meal.

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