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How the Public Health Emergency Is Used to Line the Coffers of Governments

Although governments have the ability to create money out of thin air, there are instances when they require a justification to print additional money. This explanation has been offered by the outbreak of the virus, whose diagnostic tests have been shown to be poor, inaccurate, and deceptive, and whose alleged origin is a location with an unparalleled level of air pollution.

It has been estimated that it would cost $2.4 trillion to contain the virus, a number that has governments all over the world scurrying to gain access to state and federal financing to assist them in preparing for and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

One of the cities where the local administration has proclaimed a state of emergency in order to gain access to these monies is Los Angeles. The mayor has made it quite obvious that if they follow the rules provided by the CDC, declare a state of emergency, and act as though they are in the midst of a widespread catastrophe, then good luck will follow.

The public health emergency is only a pretext for the federal government to extend its scope of authority and bribe the states with financial incentives to comply with its mandates and directives.

Another illustration of this may be seen in the educational system. The federal government provides financial incentives to the states in order to encourage them to implement the most recent iteration of “No Child Left Behind With a Mind of His or Her Own.”

It is not a coincidence that, in the aftermath of the viral emergency, some peripheral activities are carried out, such as torpedoing the stock market. The outbreak of the virus is a story for the ages, and like all good fairy tales, it will end happily in the end, but not before causing a great deal of suffering and anxiety.

In conclusion, the public health emergency caused by the virus is nothing more than an additional avenue for governments to earn money. They are able to justify printing more money, extending their powers, and making more and more people dependent on their systems by utilizing fear and panic as their primary motivators.

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