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WHO says NO to Vaccine passport

World Health Organization Executive Tedros Adhanom said to President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil that the WHO is “NOT recommending” vaccine passports or even lockdowns “for right now, at least,” and that the vaccinations do “NOT protect against COVID.”

So, WHY is the mainstream media not following up on this breaking news? well, they are in the pockets of BIG Pharma and Government leaders that LOVE Power, control, and above all MONEY.

OK, let’s get back to the good news.

At the 2021 G20 Summit here in Rome on Oct 30th-31st, Leader Bolsonaro and WHO Administrator Adhanom talked about the state of COVID inoculations, vaccination passports, the economical costs regarding these lockdowns, as well as various other concerns relating to the world’s reaction to the proclaimed so-called COVID-19 pandemic.

Their conversation was actually tape-recorded, as Adhanom spoke in English even though Bolsonaro interacted with the Ethiopian public-health emperor/ZAR by means of a linguist. Bolsonaro kicked off the dialogue by asking about the impact of COVID constraints, consisting of solitary confinements, about the economic climate, and even if there was actually any kind of “past scrutiny” by the WHO relating to the execution of these kinds of actions.

This topic was even discussed on a Brazilian radio broadcast, here is that link.

Currently, there are in excess of 100 research reviews or studies that demonstrate and prove that naturally attained immunity is definitely equivalent to or perhaps even MORE powerful and superior to existing vaccinations. yet all fall on deaf ears, this just frustrates people like me to no end…

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