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Are Ventilators Used to Murder People?

Ventilators are Murder People

Increasingly more people are asking, Are Ventilators Used to Murder People? Medical facilities want to see Covid-19 connected to a discharge summary or perhaps a death certification.

Why? Given that if it’s simple pneumonia when a person is admitted to a health center for – if they’re Health insurance- normally, the diagnosis-related group lump-sum remittance might be $5,000. However, if it’s COVID-19 pneumonia, at that point it’s $13,000, and if this COVID-19 pneumonia sufferer winds up on a ventilator, it increases to a whopping $39,000. Do you think this is enough incentive to fudge the outcomes?

Singapore Performs Autopsy On COVID-19 Body

For many months now, the multimedia and the left howled and screamed for ventilators. Guess what, The shortage never ever occurred.

Even worse, ventilators can do way more damage than good. Still, the press goes on to advertise or PUSH ventilators while prompting panic regarding hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax, and even zinc oxide. Can you see the motive here yet? OK, let’s continue.

Coming from medical professionals in the sunshine state better known as FLORIDA “emergency room doctors are discovering that ‘low sat’ “happy hypoxic” effortlessly walking around did very well with higher flow sinus cannulas, however, given that there’s a procedure to intubate a low sat, these experts were actually tubing high numbers and then pushing these people into cytokine cyclone, you NEVER do this unless the individual is in genuine respiratory trouble.

The Experts Are Wrong

And whenever people go to an ICU intensive care unit, these experts try to talk them right into hospice.

It’s a society or culture of death.

Both the extreme pressure and the very high degrees of breathable oxygen pushed into the client’s lungs appear to be behind the damages triggered by mechanized ventilators, this was proven dangerous back in 1827 by a French doctor named Leroy d’Etoille. But still, venting carries on to this day. Can you say “show me the MONEY?”

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