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No Matter What Facebook Says Facial Recognition is Happening

Facial Recognition is Happening

Bloomberg reported:

Meta Platforms Inc. a subsidiary firm of Facebook who claimed on Nov. 2nd that it was shuttering the facial recognition technology as it automatically recognizes individuals who post pictures on their own social media networks like Facebook. According to them, they are working to fix this public image dilemma – there’s a reason why it’s not referred to as Facebook any longer – many say that face recognition is an extremely harmful Tech strategy in many social media circles.

Yep, and I see Facebook as being an HONEST, CARING, LAWOBIDING company that PROTECTS your privacy and NEVER exploits its users”… OK, OK, I need to stop these LIES, I’m making myself sick just typing this crap.

Approximately 20 American cities have already successfully passed laws restricting using this type of technological innovation in different ways. However, personal privacy supporters are asking for additional limitations, these people claim that this sort of technology is ripe for misuse by nonpublic firms in addition to state and federal governments. even though several applications appear to be harmless on the surface or even practical, can wind up being troublesome, based on critics.

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2 thoughts on “No Matter What Facebook Says Facial Recognition is Happening

  1. What is bad about facial recognition?
    As with any technology, there are potential drawbacks to using facial recognition, such as threats to privacy, violations of rights and personal freedoms, potential data theft, and other crimes. There’s also the risk of errors due to flaws in the technology.

    1. Facial recognition systems are a form of mass surveillance that violates the right to privacy and threatens the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and expression. Facial recognition risks being weaponized by law enforcement against marginalized communities around the world.

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