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What I Think About COVID

What did I say when asked what I think about covid? This video says it ALL…

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2 thoughts on “What I Think About COVID

  1. Conditional approvals are valid for one year and may be renewed annually. All COVID-19 vaccines approved in the EU, and thus in Germany, have received conditional approval (as of April 23, 2021). Approvals will expire in December 2021 and January 2022. As no manufacturer of conditionally approved vaccines has submitted a new application, vaccines can no longer be used from December 2021 / January 2022 – they must be destroyed. Hence the enormous emphasis on previously unvaccinated as well as unjustified and illegal vaccination campaigns for children and adolescents. Why have manufacturers not applied for further approval of the currently used conditionally approved vaccines? Because they likely won’t get further (conditional) approval because of the myriad side effects and the high number of deaths!
    On this page, COVID-19 vaccines are at the top of the list. These direct links will take you to the EMA website. You can read which vaccine was approved and when here. You can also read about the side effects attributed by the manufacturers here. eg Moderna – conditional acceptance: 01/06/2021, BioNTech – conditional acceptance: 21/12/2020, AstraZeneca – conditional acceptance: 01/29/2021. At BioNTech, a 12-month period would mean that as of December 22, 2021, this product can no longer be used. I do not see on the EMA website that there is new conditional approval for this vaccine. With this topic, I am particularly surprised that very good investigative journalists do not take up this extremely important topic. For this reason, Spahn and Wieler “turn the wheel”. None of the conditionally approved vaccines can be used beyond the approval period (12 months from the approval date). So quickly give out a million doses of vaccines here and put tremendous pressure on your population. Because whatever is still in stock must be destroyed after the approval period has expired.
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