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No absolutely Not We Have NEVER Been ALL IN THIS TOGETHER

We have NEVER been ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Governments worldwide were together in their big comfortable Yachts never missing a paycheck …in fact, giving themselves raises while they left the rest of us to FKN drown …

Never at any stage were we all in the same boat …they left us up S** T’s creek without a paddle and they sneered while they did so …

I’m so extremely proud to be a patriot and to be in touch with so many like-minded people here …We called out all their BS from the very start and the tide has most definitely turned in our favour

 The only tsunami that hit America was the red one in November When the greatest President of all time won in an absolute landslide. So don’t listen to the distractions on MSM keep your eyes firmly fixed on the audits…

Project veritas part 2 later ….Certain shit heads resigning left, right and centre from different boards and positions…

PATRIOTS IN CONTROL…..GOD WINS …WE WIN…Oh one more thing please make sure you take your vitamins, because if you don’t take yours then mine don’t work 

Trust the science THE REAL SCIENCE

Wishing you all a very blessed day my beautiful brothers and sisters …May the good Lord keep you and yours safe and sound 

…Much love and support from across the pond ALWAYS

Contributed by David Preacher

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