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We’ve moved from a lab leak theory to a conspiracy theory that will certainly get you banished from social networks to “the infections leak out of a laboratory” to the very 1st whistleblower claiming that China intentionally unleashed Covid in Oct 2019.

During my latest article named “The Concept that Humans Have Free Will or a Soul is Over

Although that response remains to be seen, the ground has been broken by an ex-Chinese Communist expert named, Wei Jingsheng.

Jingsheng, who is better referred to as a constitutionals rights activist and for his participation in the Chinese democracy movement, made a number of spectacular accusations on the origin of Covid, not the least of which is that China “circulated the infection” at The World Military Games during Oct 2019, basing on a document published by Daily Mail.

It was “NO accident that many of the 9,000 professional athletes that got together for the event apparently ended up extremely ill with a mysterious sickness”.

Jingsheng made these claims in a new Sky News docudrama named “What Really Happened in Wuhan“.

Jingsheng’s claims on Wednesday that We’ve Moved from a Lab Leak Theory to a Conspiracy Theory

The whistleblower stated he had learned about the Chinese federal government executing an ‘uncommon exercise routine’ in the course of the games.

‘ [I knew] of the probability of the Chinese authorities making use of some unusual weapons, consisting of biological devices because I recognized these people were carrying out experimentations of this type,’ this person explained.

Jingsheng likewise alleges he went to the Trump government with his concerns.

He claimed: “They might not believe that a government of a nation might do things like this (conceal a virus), So, I always kept repeating myself in an attempt … to convince these people.”

His forewarnings or cautions undoubtedly landed on deaf ears.

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