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The Concept that Humans Have Free Will or a Soul is Over

The concept that humans have free will or a soul is over! Technocrats have not only proclaimed a war on humankind, but they also proclaimed VICTORY.

Starting with your vote, to your diet regimen, to your health care selections, those are no more your choices to make as the elites freely claim that they know better, and even exercise near-perfect authority over our way of life.

We still possess or have the option to NEVER conform to this spin and rewrite of society – still, people need to be ALL IN or it will NOT WORK.

The United Nations and its mainly dictatorial member regimes offer huge plans for your life, your kids, your nation, and even your planet.

And all those plans of action are certainly not restricted to the coercive “climate” accord deal just recently wrapped up in Paris.

Even though bureaucracy networks throughout the US and the world we’re hyping ISIS, football, and obviously “global warming,” essentially every single international government/dictatorship in the world met during the 70th yearly National assembly at the UN central office in New York City to use an oppressive 15-year plan of attack for the world.

Do You Agree That The Concept that Humans Have Free Will or a Soul is Over?

Attending globalists included former NATO leader Javier Solana, a socialist, to commemorate the strategy with one voice “authorized,” as the upcoming “Great Leap Forward” – indeed, the same campaign motto as the Chinese Communists use.

The plan is made up of 17 “Post-2015 Eco-Friendly Growth Objectives” (SDGs) with 169 specified “targets” to be passed off on all of humankind – essentially the whole caboodle, as the plan of action clearly specifies. “As we begin on this collective quest, we vow that nobody/no one will be left behind,” reads the UN proclamation, entitled Transforming Our World: the 2030 Plan for Sustainable Growth.

However, if you really love freedom, liberty, free enterprises, or the UNITED STATE Constitution, you may be hoping that the UN might leave you behind or out of it. Read on…

Formally called “Agenda 2030,” the UN narrative, as its title implies, is actually targeted at “transforming” the planet.

The plan is without a doubt a follow-up to the last 15-year UN strategy, the defunct “Millennium Development Goals,” or MDGs. It likewise fits together perfectly with the profoundly questionable UN Agenda 21, also consisting of a lot of the identical big talk and plan.

Still, the bundled Agenda 2030 objectives for accomplishing what is euphemistically referred to as “sustainable development” stand for much deeper, a lot more extreme, much more drastic, and even a lot more costly measures.

” This plan is a strategy for people, the planet, and wealth,” reads the prelude. “All of the nations and stakeholders, operating in collective alliance, are going to execute this plan of action.” Paradoxically, the prelude also declares the UN objectives may “free the human race out of the tyranny of hardship” and even “heal” the world – or, as the planet is described in the documentation, “Mother Earth.” Professing to take over the function of The almighty or GOD, the UN, in fact, claims that the “foreseeable future of humankind and of our world lays in their hands.”

Making Public on September 25th that Agenda 2030, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pointed out just how far-ranging the scheme truly is. “The all-new plan is a pledge by leaders to people all over,” most likely merging “leaders” with mass-murdering mobsters like Kim Jong-un, Raul Castro, Robert Mugabe, and various other Hitlers that maintain exceptional control with the majority of the regimes making up the United Nations. “It is a global, incorporated, and transformative concept for a better world.” “We need to have action from everybody, all over,” he said, indicating the “quick guide” provided at the 17 SDGs. “It is a to-do list for a master plan for triumph.”

“We need to make use of the objectives in order to completely transform the entire world,” Ban carried on.

The Agenda 2030 arrangement makes the temerity regarding the plan very clear, as well. “This is definitely a Plan of unmatched range and implication,” flaunts the document.

“Never before have entire world leaders promised common response and undertaking throughout such a wide-ranging and global policy plan,” the agreement goes on. “What we are revealing today is an Agenda for worldwide action for the next 15years.”

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