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The Masses are Delusional

People live in an environment in which the masses are delusional. These individuals have already been influenced by designed multimedia hysteria into believing in an invisible “pandemic” that will KILL them ALL if they do not conform.

In the beginning, the obedience demand was small, “Put on these face masks. You’ll just need to use them till there’s a vaccination.” When the injection or the so-called vaccines appeared, the conformity requirement was literally ramped up to, “Get 2 shots and we’ll return to normal.”

Today, needless to say, at the end of 2021, folks are necessitated or coursed to never-ending booster injections, and even keep on using face masks … all while social distancing, following never-ending solitary confinements, and covid detention camps needless to say.

At this stage, anybody going along with this kind of madness is actually medically delusional and going through shared mass psychosis (or what’s referred to as “mass formation” by a number of experts). These people are showing that they are unable to cognitively analyze the world around them.

The bottom line is that “Anyone who trusts the mainstream media is both delusional and gullible”

Overcoming the COVID Mass Psychosis—Mark McDonald, MD
The CDC Fraud Exposed

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