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Emergency and Curfew to Curb Violent Incidents

Miami Beach authorities declared a state of emergency and even curfew to suppress violent occurrences at early spring break that saw 5 individuals injured in 2 different shootings.

1000s of college university students and various other youngsters get together yearly in Miami Beach for spring break.

Town representatives have already been doing work in previous years to quash rowdy conduct in South Beach, however, attempts to suppress extreme alcohol consumption and physical violence, have elevated complaints regarding racial discrimination, classism, and business practices.

1,000 individuals were apprehended last March when the town enforced an 8 pm curfew.

Authorities during that time sent military-style cars and trucks to scatter primarily Black groups using rubberized ammunitions, triggering objections from black activists.

Miami Beach sets curfew to curb spring break violence
South Beach party just moves in different direction despite 8 p.m. imposed  curfew
Miami Beach, Overwhelmed by Spring Break, Extends Emergency Curfew - The  New York Times

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