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WE’RE Getting Mowed Down LIKE Animals IN THE STREET

Mowed Down LIKE Animals IN THE STREET

Things are going from bad to worse as WE’RE Getting Mowed Down LIKE Animals IN THE STREET.

How much longer we will be able to maintain the pretense that we exist inside a constitutional republic, I can declare with certainty that anarchy is spreading throughout the land.

One act of injustice at a time, we are seeing American ideals disintegrate before our own eyes.

The government’s wrongdoings against the populace become more heinous, deceitful, and terrible on a daily basis. And with each passing day, the people of the United States are slowly but surely coming to the sobering understanding that they are prisoners in a jail that they themselves have constructed.

We are no longer a free people; instead, we are being poked and probed while being monitored by twitchy, hypersensitive, easily startled armed guards who have no regard for the rights, humanity, or well-being of those who are in their care.

The number of fatalities continues to rise. The devastation is quite distressing. The public’s trust in the government’s ability to perform its job, which is to defend our liberties, is eroding at an alarming rate.

Unarmed men, women, children, and even pets are being brought down with frightening frequency by the government’s standing military of militarized police who fire first and later ask questions. All the government does in response is shrug and pledge to do better.

Problems really aren’t getting much better.

The life of Patrick Loya has ended.

During a battle with a police officer in Michigan, an unarmed guy was hauled over for displaying license plates that did not match, and while he was down on the ground, a bullet was fired in the rear of his skull.

Donovan Lewis is gone. The defenseless male, who was 20 years old, reportedly sat up in his bed when police officers barged into his bedroom and promptly shot and murdered him within a millisecond of entering the room.

The life of Tavis Crane has ended. During a routine stop that occurred because the driver’s daughter, who was only two years old at the time, tossed a tiny candy cane out the window, the officer fatally shot and killed an unarmed driver. Crane refused to get out of his vehicle, so the officers got into the back of his parked car, put Crane in a stranglehold, and began shooting him many times.

The life of Justine Damond has ended.

The yoga teacher, who was 40 years old and worked in Minneapolis, was shot and murdered by police officers, who reportedly opened fire on her after being spooked by a loud disturbance in the area just as she neared their patrol vehicle. Damond had phoned 911 while dressed in her pajamas to report what she believed to be an attack in her neighborhood.

Ismael Lopez is now dead.

Mississippi law enforcement officers accidentally went to the incorrect home while searching for a criminal in relation to a case of severe domestic abuse. As a result, they opened fire and killed a 41-year-old auto technician. The man’s dog, which had preceded him out of the home, was also killed by the police when they opened fire.

The life of Mary Knowlton has ended.

The Florida police accidentally used a loaded pistol that was meant for training purposes during a “shoot/don’t shoot” role-playing scenario, which resulted in the fatal shooting of a 73-year-old retired librarian. The gun had been intended for training purposes.

The life of Andrew Scott has ended.

Despite the fact that the 26-year-old house owner had never committed a crime and had never fired even one bullet or raised his firearm against officers, he was shot and killed by Florida officers who were trying to investigate a driving too fast occurrence by having to engage in a middle-of-the-night “knock and talk” in Scott’s apartment complex. The officers were looking into a speeding incident. Scott’s apartment complex was located in Florida.

Richard Ferretti is deceased.

While the 52-year-old cook was searching for a parking place in Philadelphia, cops opened fire on him and ultimately took his life. It had been reported to the authorities that a purple-colored Dodge Caravan was acting “suspiciously” while driving through the area, and they intended to examine it.

Charleena Lyles is deceased.

A pregnant woman in her 30s who was already a mother of four children had contacted the authorities to complain that her Xbox video gaming system had been stolen. After discovering her clutching a knife when they went to her house in Seattle, police opened fire and ultimately ended her life.

In each of these situations, law enforcement officers had the option of using methods that were less deadly.

They had the ability to act with reason and deliberation rather than responding with a killer’s instinct, but they chose not to.

They may have tried to de-escalate the situation and diffuse whatever they saw as a “threat” that made them fear for their life to the point where they responded with deadly force.

It speaks volumes to what is wrong with crime control in America today that police officers are now being dressed in the underpinnings of war, drilled in the dangerous art of combat, as well as trained to look upon “every individual they engage with as an armed threat or every scenario as a deadly force contact in the making.” The fact that police conversely chose to mortally resolve these interactions by using their guns on citizens says a lot about what is wrong with enforcing the law in America today. In the United States, police officers are being trained

Keep in mind that, from the perspective of a hammer, everything seems like a nail.

We’re not just getting smashed, though. We’re being murdered, execution-style.

When you’re dealing with police officers who shoot first and question you later, due process, which is the constitutional guarantee of a proper trial before such an impartial jury, is meaningless. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done nothing wrong or if you’ve done everything wrong in the world; it doesn’t matter anymore.

Every person who has been shot and murdered by police, some of whom were fired at three, four, or even five times in the span of a single second, has already been put on trial, found guilty, and given a death sentence. In the single second it takes to decide whether or not to fire their weapons and where to aim them, the nation’s police officers have effectively elevated themselves to the roles of judge, juror, and executioner of their fellow people.

We are reduced to the status of animals and dealt with in this manner because of this perception of us.

In point of fact, we’re being put down by gunfire like dogs.

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