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The New Leader of the Conservative Party – Liz Truss

Who Is The New Leader of the Conservative Party?

Liz Truss, currently serving as Britain’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, has been chosen as the new leader of the governing Conservative Party. She will assume the role of head of state at a time when the United Kingdom is dealing with a crisis related to the rising cost of living, as well as advanced manufacturing unrest and an economic downturn.

After weeks of a contentious and divided party leadership race that placed Truss over Rishi Sunak, a former minister, the declaration on Monday marked the start of a transition from Boris Johnson.

The contest paired Truss against Rishi Sunak.

Johnson was driven to declare his retirement in July following months of controversy, and he will fly to Scotland on Tuesday to meet with Queen Elizabeth to officially accept his resignation. Johnson’s resignation was forced upon him after months of scandal.

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His successor will take over once he passes, and they will be tasked with forming a government.

Truss delivered a brief victory speech shortly after the news was made at a convention hall in the center of London. He stated that it was an “honor” to be chosen after going through “one of the strangest job interviews in the history of the world.”

According to Jonah Hull, broadcasting from London for Al Jazeera, Truss’s victory was not as convincing as prior opinion surveys may have led one to believe it would be.

“She received 57 percent of the votes that might have been cast by members of the Conservative Party. According to him, the last chancellor, Rishi Sunak, received a score of 42%.

“She pledged that she ran like a Conservative and that she will rule as a Conservative,” he went on to say. “She vowed to lower taxes, to develop the economy, and she pledged to deal only with energy situation.”

From one crisis to the next

Truss became the fourth Conservative prime minister since the last election in 2015, and he had long held the lead in the battle to succeed Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party.

During that time period, the nation has been rocked by one crisis after another. Currently, the nation is in the midst of what is anticipated to be a protracted recession, which was sparked by skyrocketing inflation that reached 10.1 % in July.

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