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The designs of globalist organizations have shifted in recent weeks

The narrative presented to the public regarding the designs of globalist organizations has shifted in recent weeks, with mainstream media and others suggesting that it is acceptable to be critical of certain aspects of groups like the World Economic Forum. This change in messaging is a departure from the previous stance of denying the existence or influence of these organizations and instead suggests that it is okay to have concerns about them, as long as they are not referred to as conspiracies.

The mainstream media is now acknowledging that globalist organizations do have a significant influence on governments, social policies, and economic outcomes. However, they are still pushing back against the idea that these organizations have nefarious or authoritarian intentions. The reason for this shift in narrative is likely due to the fact that many people have seen the true agenda of globalists during the pandemic lockdowns, and now see the conspiracy for what it is. The globalists themselves seem to have been taken aback by the widespread opposition to the mandates and the high levels of non-compliance and are now trying to continue pushing their message of fear about COVID-19, but the truth has been exposed

The globalist organizations were unable to implement a Chinese-style medical tyranny with the widespread use of vaccine passports in the West. As a result, they are now shifting their strategy and attempting to present themselves as benevolent or neutral entities. However, this claim is not true. Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF) celebrated the outbreak of the pandemic as an opportunity to push for the WEF’s “Great Reset” agenda.

The article discusses the negative aspects of Klaus Schwab’s vision for the “4th Industrial Revolution” or “Reset,” which includes the use of Artificial Intelligence in all aspects of society, the creation of digital enclaves known as “smart cities,” and the oppression of individuals through carbon taxation. The article also mentions the World Economic Forum’s support for the “Shared Economy,” in which individuals will have no ownership or privacy. The author’s main focus is on the process and mindset of the elite in implementing this dystopian future and challenges the idea that globalists are just regular people with limited desires.

Globalists, or those who hold significant power and influence in the world, do not have the same values as the general population and instead have a goal of dominance over humanity. The author argues that these globalists are not normal people with conscience, ethics, or empathy, but more like psychopaths and sociopaths. The article cites the actions of New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, during the COVID-19 pandemic as an example of this behavior, specifically her support for a two-tier class system based on vaccination status. The author implies that the Prime Minister’s actions are taken without remorse and without consideration of studies that indicate the mandates are ineffective.

Individuals who deny the existence of globalist conspiracy should take a closer look at the philosophical foundations of organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF). The author argues that the WEF’s ideology can be summarized as “Futurism and godhood.” Futurism is an ideological movement that advocates for the replacement of existing systems with new technological and social innovations in the name of progress. Futurists believe that traditional beliefs and principles are hindering humanity’s potential for greatness. The ultimate goal of futurists, according to the author, is to achieve godhood, in which a select few control the natural world and human will.

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