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During the course of a Thanksgiving Mass on a Sunday, the New Brunswick police with healthcare representatives tossed in jail a minister, and even padlocked the chapel being used, saying that the number of attendants in the church went beyond the supposed COVID-19 “health restriction.”

On Sunday, New Brunswick (NB) law enforcement officer plus health authorities apprehended minister Cody Butler at his Tabernacle Family Members Chapel in Saint John for having a Thanksgiving holiday worship service that surpassed the amount of government-allowed numbers or attendees. Is this Germany 1939 all over again?

Dr. Botha’s Microscopic Discoveries are Literally Horrifying!

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Padlocking a church, Is this what we turned into?

The authorities at that point padlocked the parish and placed a “closure notification” on the property. YES, they PADLOCKED the FKN CHURCH!

Can you believe that Pope Francis said Vaccinations are an act of LOVE?

“They came harassing me this morning at my home once more … after the court told these people not to go back to our residence for any correspondence. Now Public Safety has issued the closure of our parish doors even after we complied,” this individual added.

Basing On Rebel News, whose legal team “Fight the Fines” is working with the parish in their battle in opposition to the latest arrest and closure, His Tabernacle Chapel will be permitted to reopen when they adhere to the oppressive “healthcare” regulations listed under Section 3 and Section 15 of New Brunswick’s Preventative Measures– Public Health Measure.

A tiny exemption is made for churches, that if they are able to adhere to the vaccination mandate, they need to function at half capacity, prohibit any kind of singing, require every person to put on a face mask, and also space everybody 2 meters apart.

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