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Dr. Botha’s Microscopic Discoveries are Literally Horrifying!

Microscopic Discoveries are Literally Horrifying!

Dr. Zandre Botha Microscopic Discoveries are Literally Horrifying. She has analyzed the hemoglobin or blood of many individuals under a microscopic lens after these people succumb to the strong-armed, misinformation of the COVID biotech hypodermic injections which are being criminally marketed as “COVID Vaccines,” and we ALL know they are definitely not.

A microscopic test of this particular jab showed the inorganic electro-tech components in these, as some call it “bioweapon treatments”.

Iceland – 5th Nation to Stop Moderna COVID-19 Vaccination

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A complete investigation of the science that is behind this Covid “vaccines” being used throught the Western World.

“I’m just sharing what I think” – Dr. Mark Trozzi

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