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The happy medium of sound judgment

Lets find a happy medium of sound judgment

Assuming that our experts genuinely intend to unifying the country, then we need both sides to find a happy medium of sound judgment.

After that, we need to safeguard and protect this kind of “safe area” of a happy medium such as N. Korea and S. Korea secured their demilitarized zone.

I believe it’s time for the country to appeal to that “good sense” when it concerns masking requirements, for a variety of reasons.

Generally, there have been a few instances of hypocrisy during the pandemic, most noticeably out of Democratic leaders that seem to want to manipulate their constituents’ while simultaneously playing by different rules of their own.

For instance, remember during Nov 2020 when Gavin Newsom was seen by Fox at an exclusive French Laundry not complying with Covid standard protocols?

And after that, there was Nancy Pelosi going to her neighborhood beauty salon during Sept 2020 to get her hair done for her TV appearance. The hair salon was conveniently wide-open for her as lockdowns kept all others at home.

“Nancy Pelosi’s aide messaged us to work on her hair,” one of the shuttered beauty salon’s hairstylists informed the proprietor. “We’re expected to respect this particular lady, right? It is troubling,” the beauty salon operator responded, basing on Fox News.

Examples of these people saying one thing and doing another while still under house arrest during the pandemic are all over the place, yet they never seem to get in any trouble or get a ticket, or be arrested.

Just recently, a more prevalent kind of falsity has been increasing through the froth of b. s. narrations: face mask hypocrisy.

I am for stopping face mask requirements/mandates totally, face masks have been one thing Democrats keep frantically hold on to so as to create the resemblance or illusion of control.

Walking inside any business in areas such as New York and Philly without having a face mask, I am regularly confronted by much younger and in some cases full-on infuriated workers that boastfully and happily tell me that face masks are compulsory.

In Philly, folks seemed to be glad that the city-wide face mask requirement came back in Aug.

I’ve been told “I can not serve you” or “I do not want your business” for NOT using a face mask by these entry-level workers that are power tripping and even fabricating/lying they are the proprietors/owners of the coffeehouse and corner store than I can count.

Typically, these kinds of scowls are followed by a reciprocating or dirty look, coming from both of us, the look that says “this person is out of his/her mind”. lol

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