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US Signs Air Defense Systems Deal For Ukraine

The US signs Air Defense Systems deal for Ukraine. Under the terms of the contract, American arms manufacturer Raytheon is obligated to deliver NASAMS units by the month of August 2024.

The United States Department of Defense has authorized the American arms maker Raytheon to develop National Advanced Surface-to-Air Ballistic Missiles (NASAMS) for the Ukrainian armed forces under the terms of a contract for 182 million dollars.

According to a statement released by the United States Department of Defense late Friday, the development of short- and medium-range air defense armament will be carried out at Raytheon, located in Tewksbury, Ma, with an expected date of Aug 23rd, 2024.

In the midst of the ongoing confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, American Vice President Joe Biden made an announcement about yet another defense assistance program already this week. It will contain 6 different NASAMS technologies and will cost a total of $2.98 billion, making it the most pricey to date.

Because the funding for such military aid will come from a program known as the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), the armament will be manufactured exclusively for the Ukrainian government rather than being pulled from existing American supplies.

Air defense systems for Ukraine

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Air Force Publication characterized the NASAMS as an essential technology component that might assist the Ukrainian forces to take down Russian ballistic missiles, which also have thus far been whacking objectives inside the nation “nearly unobstructed,” in an article posted just this month. This same story focuses on how the NASAMS might aid the Ukrainian militaries.

Moscow has already been vocal in its opposition to the deployment of weaponry to Ukraine by the United States and its allies, arguing for some time that such aid serves merely to drag out the crisis and raises the possibility of a direct engagement with Russians or NATO.

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