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It Is Your Duty To Protect Your Kids

Protect Your Kids

Mom or dads or to be moms and dads, it is your duty to protect your kids. If they are injured with or by these types of genetic injections, you are the person that is going to need to look after them.

YOU will be the one to carry the burden for the remainder of your lifespan and theirs.

Typically, in between 1-in-2000 & 1-in-3000 kids that get these kinds of injections are going to be laid up in the hospital, sooner or later by vaccine damages. ONLY with the passing of time can we understand what long-lasting damages can strike these youngsters.

The injections do not give protection to our kids from catching Omicron.

They do not stop infected kids from contaminating other folks.

In comparison, the drug providers with the state and federal government are totally secured/protected from ANY kind of injuries these types of product lines may trigger. in other words, “THEY CAN NOT BE SUED FOR DAMAGES”


Take a look at this article Before Consenting to Immunize your Kids.

Compulsory Face Masks For Kids

Supposing that your youngster is harmed by these kinds of injections, you will definitely be left on your own with your sorrow, and the difficulty of care. Such genetic serums can easily harm your young children.

They can destroy their brains, their heart, their body immune system, as well as their capability to have kids down the road. A lot of these types of injuries can never be fixed, and so I urge you, please get educated regarding the conceivable dangers. Your kids might be harmed through these kinds of speculative health product lines.


they lied about everything, wake up folks and smell the coffee. the proof couldn’t be any clearer. do you need a hammer to fall in your head again?

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