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Unlocking the Mystery of the Warburg Effect: The Surprising Truth About Cancer and Mitochondrial Dysfunction

This is the crux of the problem that virtually no one in health understands. Why on earth would your body do such a foolish thing as to burn glucose in the inefficient and pathology-producing backup glycolysis pathway and not in your mitochondria? If you understand the answer to this question, you will know more about molecular biology than virtually every physician, including nearly all functional medicine doctors.

The primary reason it fails to burn glucose in your mitochondria is that the mitochondria are seriously damaged and have what is termed mitochondrial dysfunction. This is the result of the electron transport chain (ETC) being backed up with an excess of electrons that are unable to flow easily through the five complexes. This is a condition known as reductive stress, which refers to an excess of negative charges due to the electrons.

Your body has no choice but to use the backup system, glycolysis, when the mitochondria hvae maxed out their capacity to produce energy. If it fails to use the backup system, you will not create enough ATP and you will simply die because your body must have fuel to run its metabolism. It is the same thing that happens to a fire when it runs out of fuel.

This is the real Warburg Effect. Nearly everyone believes that cancer feeds on sugar, but that is simply inaccurate. The truth is the polar opposite. Cancer cells have such seriously damaged mitochondria they are simply incapable of burning sugar in the mitochondria and must rely on the backup system to survive.

This is why the most effective strategy is to not jump to low carb keto to avoid feeding the cancer, but rather to use metabolic therapies that fundamentally address why the cells are unable to oxidize sugar in the mitochondria.

Once you fix the mitochondria and allow the cancer cells to metabolize glucose in the mitochondria, the cancer regresses back to normal healthy cells because the mitochondria work again and they don’t require to use the emergency backup system.

Refined sugars and many starches are more likely to cause gut dysbiosis that leads to the production of endotoxin. This endotoxin is one of the factors that destroys mitochondrial function, resulting in cancer metabolism (the Warburg Effect), where glucose is burned through glycolysis.

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