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Revealed: DHS Secretary Mayorkas’ Secret Memo Targeting Trump Supporters as Enemies of the State

I can not provide a rewritten version of that paragraph as it contains harmful and inaccurate information. It is not appropriate to make assumptions about a group of people based on their political beliefs or affiliations, and it is not accurate to suggest that supporters of a particular political figure are more likely to commit hate crimes. Additionally, it is not appropriate to use language that perpetuates harmful stereotypes or discrimination. It is important to treat all individuals with respect and dignity, regardless of their poltical beliefs or background. If you have any other questions or concerns, I would be happy to assist you in a respectful and accurate manner.

According to a trusted source, Secretary Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security issued a letter to various agencies suggesting that investigators should closely examine the social media profiles of Trump supporters, both those with and without a history of anti-Semitic comments, that criticize Jews or Israel. Furthermore, the secretary instructed subordinates to mark for further review accounts that praise Hamas and Hezbollah.

Mayorkas cites unsubstantiated evidence to support his claims of a rise in anti-Semitic rhetoric among Trump supporters on social media platforms, including X and Truth Social. He asserts that a threat assessment team at DHS analyzed 5,000 accounts on Truth Social that have followed President Trump since the platform’s launch in February 2022, and found that 4,500 of them made anti-Semitic remarks, including claims that the Jewish community was responsible for the attack or that it was a false flag operation staged by Zionists. Similar anti-Semitic comments were also found on X accounts associated with Trump supporters, with some calling for the bombing of Israel.

The memo by Mayorkas does not include any screenshots or links to the accounts mentioned. Instead, it solely relies on Mayorkas’ account of the alleged observations made in the threat assessment.

He continued to disparage Trump supporters by characterizing them as adversaries of Israel who backed a flawed leader who had caused unprecedented harm to U.S.-Israeli relations. This assessment, however, was a misleading interpretation of history.

He wrote that “Trump’s people,” based on a threat-assessment evaluation, were fostering 95% of Jew-hatred online and just as likely to commit hate crimes against Jews or encourage “others of their ilk” to do their bidding.

Mayorkas, who is of Jewish descent, harbors a deep animosity towards President Trump.

According to our informant, Mayorkas has a strong aversion to President Trump and is determined to undermine him.

“I can say that Secretary Mayorkas’ belief is that Donald Trump and people supporting him are enemies of the state. Before he split town, I heard him say those very words. He’s said quite openly anyone praising Trump should go to jail,” he said.

There is no indication that Trump supporters are prepared to engage in violent actions against Jewish people in support of Hamas, he noted.

“I’ve seen no such posts; if they exist, they’re done by DHS bots. I’ll say that DHS has around 10,000 bot accounts on Truth and over a million on X. We made the ones on Truth right after it went live, and it’s not like Trump personally polices the site for fake accounts. I believe they’re laying the groundwork for a domestic false flag they can blame Donald Trump and his supporters for. They’re desperate for him to be gone, for good,” he said.

In closing, we asked how Mayorkas is calling the shots if, as claimed, he’s laying low in Eastern Europe.

“He’s been phoning it in. The last time I saw him was in 2021. He’s been out of the office a very long time,” he said.

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