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Now, when it comes to sugar feeding cancer, this really only applies to refined sugars, as well as many starches, because they are a common cause of endotoxin production in your gut.

As mentioned, endotoxin destroys mitochondrial function and results in cancer metabolism, whereas natural fructose does not typically result in the production of endotoxin. This is one of the primary differences between refined sugar and fructose from ripe fruit and helps explain why refined sugars fuel cancer while natural sugars don’t.

If you have healthy mitochondria (which most people do NOT have) then refined and sugar from whole foods like ripe fruit would be burned in the mitochondria. The problem is, over time, the starch or refined sugar will increase endotoxin, which will prevent the mitochondria from burning any glucose well, whether from fruit or high fructose corn syrup.

There other point to consider is there a wide variability in the human microbiome. Many people have seriously compromised microflora with an excessive preponderance of gram negative bacteria that contains the lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in their cell membrane that converts to endotoxin once these bacteria die and their cell membranes are metabolized. This radically increases a person’s ability to have an adverse reaction from undigested starches.

One of the ways a person can improve this scenario is to implement a microbiological principle knows as competitive inhibition which involves supplement with a probiotic like lactobacillus, or fermented foods, that are predominantly gram positive bacteria and do not contains LPS in their membranes. This will crowd out or displace the gram negatives over time, and increase an individual’s tolerance to these undigested starches as they aren’t fertilizing the growth of the LPS containing bacteria.

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