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Ukrainian Drone Damaged a Warship of the Russian Navy

Russian Navy

On October 28th, an assault by a Ukrainian drone damaged the flagship warship of the Russian Black Sea navy while it was docked in the port of Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula.

As soon as the strike began, Moscow pointed the finger of blame at Britain, accusing it of helping to organize it, in addition to blowing up the Pipeline pipelines, which was one of the most severe acts of industrial terrorism in recent history.

In response, the British Defense Ministry issued a vehement rebuttal, labeling the charges as “false assertions of an epic magnitude.” Whoever was responsible for those particular strikes, there is plausible evidence to suggest that the United Kingdom had a covert role in the devastation.

The Grayzone has discovered papers that were illegally obtained that describe the signing of an agreement between British military intelligence agents and the Odesa section of the Security Agency of Ukraine to form and train a covert Ukrainian partisans terror army.

Their plans called for the covert army to carry out sabotage and reconnaissance activities aimed at Crimea at the behest of the Ukrainian Secret Services (SSU). These operations were intended to mirror the kinds of assaults that have taken place over the previous few weeks.

The same group of military intelligence officers was responsible for putting up the plans to blow up the Kerch Bridge in Crimea, as was previously revealed by The Grazyone.

This goal was accomplished on October 8 in the shape of a suicide truck bomb explosion, which temporarily disabled the only connecting point between mainland Russia as well as Crimea and prompted a significant escalation in Moscow’s attacks on Ukrainian facilities. This goal was to temporarily disable the exclusive connecting point with both mainland Russia and Crimea.

Hugh Ward, a former member of the armed forces, was the one who fulfilled Chris Donnelly’s request to create these blueprints. Donnelly is a British military-intelligence infiltrator who is best known for conceiving of the covert Integrity Initiative cyber warfare program, which was funded by the Foreign Office.

Donnelly’s secret international network of military officers, legislators, and intelligence officials was informed of the plans, and they were disseminated across that network. The fact that he has ties at such a high level demonstrates that he is not only a bystander to this battle. The covert sabotage brigade that he is preparing to launch attacks against Russian sites in Crimea has been trained with the help of his position and the connections he has established through his work.

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This destructive tactic will undoubtedly bring in an escalation of the conflict and will derail any forward progress toward settlement.

The planned assault on Crimea, which is being marketed as “support for maritime raiding operations,” has the goals of “degrading” Russia’s ability to blockade Kiev, “eroding” Moscow’s “warfighting capability,” and isolating Russian land and maritime troops in Crimea by “denying resupply by sea but also overland via Kerch.” These goals are being pursued in the name of “support for maritime raiding operations.”

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