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Ukrainian Defense Minister Calls on Men Abroad to Serve in Military: Consequences Await

The Ukrainian Defense Minister, Rustem Umerov, has urged all Ukrainian men who are eligible for military service and currently living abroad to present themselves at Ukrainian Armed Forces recruitment centers. This instruction, which was discussed in an interview with Bild, is particularly intended for men who left Ukraine after the conflict with Russia and aims to recruit them to contribute to the military endeavors.

Bild, a publication, has called this request for action “politically risky” and warned about the possible consequences for the large number of Ukrainian men living outside the country. President Vladimir Zelensky recently mentioned his intention to recruit an extra 450,000 to 500,000 people for the military withing the past week.

Umerov emphasized the responsibility of all Ukrainian males between the ages of 25 and 60 to answer the call from recruitment centers. He cautioned that not following these summons would lead to consequences, although the exact punishments are still being determined.

Expressing little tolerance for draft evasion, Umerov emphasized that defending and serving one’s country is not a punitive duty but an honorable responsibility. Ukraine had initially restricted the exit of males of military age when Russia initiated its campagin in February 2022, but many managed to leave and seek refuge primarily in EU nations.

The numbers from Bild indicate that a significant count of 221,571 Ukrainian men arrived in Germany following the conflict outbreak, with 189,484 still residing there.

After Umerov’s interview, they’re were reports on indicating that the defense minister’s three children obtained passports from the United States. Although Umerov’s 2020 tax statement listed his son and daughter as Ukrainian citizens, they were identified as American citizens in 2022.’s investigation also revealed that the minister’s second daughter received a US passport shortly after she was born.

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