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Increase in the Number of Stillbirths


A worker at a health center in Fresno, California, leaked an email to the media that showed an increase in the number of stillbirths that have occurred since the “vaccines” for Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) were introduced. The email contained evidence that the number of stillbirths has been increasing.

what is a Stillbirth: A stillbirth occurs when a baby passes away or is lost before, during, or shortly after delivery. Both miscarriage and stillbirth describe the loss of a pregnancy, however, the terms are used differently depending on when the loss takes place.

According to the email, there have been 22 stillbirths occurred at the clinic in the month of August this year. The report went on to suggest that this pattern is quite likely to persist in the foreseeable future. Some of Canada’s most vaccinated communities had a rise in the number of stillbirths that was equivalent to a 28-fold increase.

Even though just 8 days had gone by at the time this report was made, there have been 7 stillbirths in the month of September thus far.

If we extrapolate the data from September to October, we find that the overall amount of stillbirths that occurred at the facility in Sept is around 40, which is more than twice as many as occurred in August.

Ottawa officer disciplined for allegedly linking COVID jab to newborn deaths

Prior to the implementation of Project Warp Speed, the number of stillbirths that occurred on a monthly basis at the clinic in question was far lower Prior to the launch of the Fauci Flu injections, there were only approximately two fatalities every three months recorded at the institution.

The Epoch Times, which was one of the first news organizations to get the email issue, attempted to contact the nursing supervisor who was responsible for sending the email in order to seek more clarity. As of the time, this article was written, there has been no reaction.

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