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Kamloops Documentary – Truth or Fiction?

I am sure you saw the Kamloops Documentary by now, but have you been told the Whole Truth, Nothing BUT the TRUTH? Below I have inserted a Video that Might shed light on the Kamloops Sage and documentary.

I did NOT and will NOT attempt to write the story because I found an alternative news company known as I watch them ALL the time, great reporting and always a fair & equal analysis of both sides.

No, they are NOT the LEFT or RIGHT.

No matter what the mainstream media wants you to believe, the same media funded by JT to make him look good in your eyes, yes, Justin pays them to do this. Anyway, let’s get to the juicy stuff, here is that clip below.

Drea Humphrey, a reporter for the Rebel Media Network, was talking about the repercussions of the pervasive false narrative, which she said included the arson or vandalism of approximately seventy churches, which the government and the mainstream media either ignored or excused.

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