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Joe Biden’s Biggest Bloopers and Blunders so let’s start wi this bunder – I’m so forward-looking???……….all men and women created by….you know the thing, it happens to be a three-letter word…JOBS!!! lol, Can you say DEMENTIA?

Joe Biden once described himself as a “gaffe machine” and we have to agree. Here’s our hilarious collection of epic awkward moments throughout his career in politics.

With just weeks to go until the US election in November, Joe Biden’s gaffes are still making headlines. He recently struggled to describe the impact of coronavirus at a rally in Pittsburgh, saying: “COVID has taken this year just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 years – look, here are the lives it’s just it’s just, I mean, think about it”.

But with Joe Biden defending a steady lead in the polls against President Donald Trump, will his gaffes get in the way in the White House?
President Joe Biden's biggest bloopers – from name blunders to counting  mishaps
Sleepy Joe Biden

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