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Toronto Mayor John Tory Resigns Amid Reports of Affair, Expresses Deep Regrets

Toronto Mayor, John Tory, announced his resignation abruptly on Friday, following a report by the Toronto Star newspaper regarding his alleged affair with a much younger staff member. In a statement, Tory confirmed the relationship and expressed his apologies to the citizens of Toronto and to his family, who he believes he has let down the most.

Tory acknowledged that the relationship began during the COVID-19 pandemic and ended mutually earlier this year, stating that the staff member involved had already left city hall. Although he did not reveal the identity of the staff member, the Toronto Star reported, through unnamed sources, that the individual was a 31-year-old mayoral advisor.

The 68-year-old mayor expressed his deep regret for stepping away from a job he loved in a city he loves even more. However, he believes that it is in the best interest of his relationships, particularly with his family, to fully dedicate himself to repairing them. Tory also assured the public that he would work with city employees and Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvey to ensure a smooth transition of power to a new administration.

In conclusion, John Tory’s resignation was sparked by the reports of his affair with a younger staff member, which he acknowledged and apologized for in a public statement. He stated that the relationship had ended earlier this year and expressed his regret for leaving his beloved job in the city he loves.

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