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Uncovering the Truth Behind the Nord Stream Pipeline Attack: Consequences of a War on Europe

Seymour Hersh, a journalist who has won numerous awards, has made a shocking first appearance on Substack by making the claim that the government of the United States was responsible for attacking the pipelines that transport Russian gas to Germany through Nord Stream.

To support his assertions that the United States government planned to destroy the European economy by waging war against one of its NATO allies, he provides information that is only circumstantial as well as testimony from individuals who wish to remain unknown.

Hersh is well-known for his investigative reporting on covert operations carried out by the United States government. He is credited for exposing the shipment of weapons from Libya to Syrian rebels by the State Department under Hillary Clinton in 2014, as well as the cooperation between the United States and Turkey in the formation of violent Islamist groups in Syria. The most recent report that Hersh has written is based on the testimony of a whistleblower who reveals the specifics of the operation.

The government of the United States and the media have vehemently denied any involvement, but this contradicts public statements made by top US officials, including former Vice President Joe Biden, who have expressed an interest in preventing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from opening as scheduled in 2023. Hersh suggests that the attention paid by US senators to Russia’s dominance in the European energy market was what caused Vice President Joe Biden to order the airstrike during a NATO naval exercise. This is something that is highlighted in the book by Hersh.

The operation was carried out against the reservations of several officials working for the CIA and the State Department. It was done with the knowledge that it was a risky move that could lead to war if it was traced back to the United States. Hersh also discusses the techniques that were implemented in the bombing of the pipelines as well as the media’s initial speculation that Russian involvement was involved prior to the subject being dropped.

Denmark, Germany, and Sweden, all of which are neighboring countries, launched a joint investigation into the attack. However, they did not share the results of their investigation, and Sweden stated that the findings were too sensitive to discuss. This led the Russian government to speculate that the three countries had something to hide. In response to the disruption of the supply line that met up to forty percent of Germany’s demand for gas, the President of the EU, Josip Borrell, issued a threat of reprisal.

It is highly possible that an act of war will have grave repercussions for the prestige and might of the United States, as well as for the stability of NATO and the European Union. After witnessing the manner in which a close ally, Germany, was treated, the ability of the United States to build and sustain alliances may be called into doubt, and other countries may view the United States with suspicion. The disruption of the Nord Stream pipeline and the imposition of sanctions on inexpensive oil and gas from Russia will have the effect of precipitating an abrupt and severe economic downturn in Western Europe, which will in turn destabilize both the EU and NATO.

The truly shocking aspect is not the destruction of the pipelines; rather, it is the fact that the United States, which is tasked with ensuring the safety of the European Union, is robbing it. It is highly possible that the costs of the bombing will significantly surpass the short-term gains of the US’s gas boom, which will result in a lasting loss of US prestige and influence.

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