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The Epicenter of Everything Wrong with American Elections

American Elections

Arizona has, once again in 2022, become the epicenter of everything wrong with American elections.

In the past, the majority of Americans have only been obliged to vote on one day, in person, and therefore election results could be announced the same night in every state. However, in recent years, Democrats have won swaths of traditionally conservative states, such as Arizona and Georgia, in record time, thanks in large part to leftist attempts to reform our voting process to include longer voting periods, widespread vote-by-mail systems, and other modifications.

Here’s one example: Trump-backed candidate for governor Kari Lake supposedly lost to Democratic nominee Katie Hobbs, who: a) has been caught twice for racism; b) rarely campaigned; c) declined to debate Lake; and d) just so happened to be the secretary of state, the top elections official in Arizona.

In an interview with Fox News’s Jesse Watters broadcast on Monday night, moments before media organizations called the contest for Hobbs, Lake explained the issues she noticed and others tied to her.

How would you challenge this legally if she ends up winning? It was a question that Watters had.

I really doubt that Katie Hobbs, our Joe Biden replacement, would be elected. Instead of stumping, she stayed in her basement. She has been found guilty of racism twice. “I just don’t think Arizonans could vote for her or that she would win,” Lake said.

How, however, can you sign off on an election that has been so badly handled, if that is really what ends up happening? And she would be the one to sign off on her own sham election. More than a third of polling places had problems with their voting devices, she said.

The citizens of Arizona are quite upset, and I don’t know what we can do about it. Thousands of people are writing to us saying, “I don’t believe my vote even got tallied.” An opportunity to cast a ballot was denied me. So many hurdles have to be cleared. My child had a track meet, and my employer wouldn’t let me take off more than four or six hours to vote anyhow. What occurred is really awful,” Lake said.

In places where retirees congregated, wait times averaged three to four hours. And this is happening only in Republican strongholds. There was a problem with the printer at the polling place in my region. An insufficient amount of toner prevented printing. My visit to a liberal neighborhood was quick; I was in and out of there in under an hour. “It’s weird how that happens in Arizona,” she said to Watters.

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