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Those Who Dominate The Food Supply Control The Masses

Those who control the food control the people

Those who dominate the food supply control the masses, and after all live animals are eradicated and replaced with proprietary plant-derived replacements, private firms will virtually control the entire supply of food.

I’ve been telling people for years that they should eat organic food to better their health, avert common health issues, and help restore the ecosystem.

Selecting organic products diminishes one’s exposure to chemical pesticides, weedkillers, genetically modified (GE) types of food, synthetic food additives, as well as nano additives, many of which are not listed on the nutrition label.

Buying organic aids in environmental protection and restore the soil. It also helps animals and increases the plant and animal diversity.

Americans not only consume a large number of fast foods, but 57.9 percent of it is ultra-processed. These are goods on the “significantly altered” side of the spectrum, and a slew of studies have linked them to weight gain, poor health, and untimely death.

People in the developed world as a whole eat a lot of packaged food, and the number of diseases shows what all this means. Processed food is any food that doesn’t come straight from the vine, the earth, a bush, bodies of water, or a tree.

Processing can be small or big, depending on how much change the food goes through. For example, frozen fruit seems to be usually one of the least processed foods, whereas pizza, soft drinks, microwave lunches and dinners, and lab-made meat substitutes are among the most.

Food security is threatened by the rise of manufactured and ultra-processed food products as staples. This is a mostly hidden fact.

Even though edible orchards have become increasingly fashionable in recent years, most people don’t grow their own food anymore. Instead, they buy processed food from the supermarket, which is often created with patent-protected GE ingredients.

Who makes the most money off of GE food? The profits go to the people who own the patents, which are usually large, multinational corporations that are more responsive to their shareholders than to the people who live in the area where the crops are grown.

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