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Smart Meter Data Reveals More Than You know

Smart Meter Data Reveals More Than You know

Smart meter data reveals more than you know; it might even be leveraged against you to regulate your power consumption or, one day, to assure “net zero” compliance.

Electricity consumption is recorded and sent to the utility company of the user a minimum of once a day.

Every time you add a new smart appliance to your house, such as a linked alarm clock, car, fridge, or doorbell, you risk exposing more of your private life to prying eyes and jeopardizing your health with electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

The energy used for various activities, such as washing clothes or watching television, may be differentiated and recorded using smart meters.

It’s a very insidious sort of surveillance that could be used to harm you in a variety of ways, including the monitoring and maybe even rationing of your energy consumption.

Radio waves from smart meters, telephones, and Wi-Fi are all sources of magnetic waves (EMFs) that should be avoided.

Avoid getting a smart meter if you can, but be prepared to pay an extortionate cost every month plus an installation fee if you do.

The purpose of smart meters is not to help you save money.

Before smart meters were commonly used, a meter reader would visit your home once a month to physically record your power use. This information is now recorded at hourly and half-hour intervals, and energy providers are invoicing you accordingly to reduce your costs.

Shell Energy, a U.K. energy provider, calls smart meters “the future of energy” and notes:

You’ll always know exactly how much you’re spending thanks to smart meters, eliminating any unforeseen problems when your bill finally arrives. Smart meters provide real-time data on energy use, which is likely their greatest benefit.

They inform you of the actual price of charging your phone or boiling a kettle. You may use this information to make a better-educated choice about whether to crank up the thermostat or throw another load of laundry in the dryer. …

Smart Meter Data

Our relationship with power is about to undergo a dramatic shift as a result of the introduction of smart meters. They make it simpler for service providers like us to provide off-peak pricing for things like charging your electric vehicle. Since they provide us with additional information about your energy consumption, we are able to tailor our rates to better meet your needs. At some point in the future, you may be given discounted rates for using the grid on days when renewable energy is in plenty, such as when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing.

Comarch’s smart metering technologies are touted as a means of “remote and automated monitoring of media usage” by Smart Energy International.

You are powerless if they can cut off your electricity supply.

BlackRock boss Larry Fink & Bill Gates are among the technocratic elite who support the goal of “net zero” carbon emissions. Although BlackRock is constantly buying up homes, Gates has become the biggest owner of farms in the United States via his extensive land acquisitions.

By 2030, Gates wants to see sweeping, fundamental shifts including the widespread use of artificial meat, the acceptance of next-generation nuclear energy, and the cultivation of a fungus as a new sort of nutritious protein.

Achieving Gates’ goal of zero emissions by 2050 requires the widespread use of smart meters, which are currently being promoted as a crucial component of this strategy.

Trusting parents teach their children to believe that the state, in whatever political guise it takes at the time, is fundamentally good and has their best interests at heart. Such individuals, as I was, would naturally attempt to interpret events in light of this underlying belief.

“You and I, having been brought up with the idea that we’re free, we have inherent rights, and that the organizations of this nation have our highest interests at heart, are likely to tangle ourselves in loops rather than consider the possibility that those authorities may now be working against us. …

Treat yourselves with a gift of awareness that the forces that we fully expect we must have less warmth and less energy, and that in the plotted future just the rich will still have cars anyway. “We are just no longer getting regarded as individual people allowed to make the most out of our lifestyles, but as a storage shed filled with battery hens — again another item to be purchased and sold. sold down the river.”

Planned actions do not include a repair of the problem. It is intended to be broken and left in that state. …

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