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The head of Poland’s police department has spoken out about the explosive “gifts” received from Ukraine

In a radio interview, Polish Police General Jaroslaw Szymczyk stated that he was slightly hurt by an explosion of two grenade launchers that were handed to him as a gift by authorities in Kiev.

The accident occurred as he was transferring the grenade launchers.

The explosion, which took place on Wednesday within the headquarters of the Warsaw Police Department, was reported for the first time by the Polish Ministry of the Interior. According to reports from the media, the explosion damaged three levels of the structure but did not start a fire. In addition, a civilian worker at the headquarters suffered minor injuries during this explosion.

Szymczyk said on Saturday that there was an explosion as he was transporting the used grenades that were presented by the Ukrainians on RMF FM radio in Poland. “When I was carrying the grenade launchers, there was an explosion,”

“The explosion was so intense that the force of the blast caused the floor to be ripped up and the ceiling to be destroyed.”

RMF FM also referenced a contact from a Polish committee that had toured Ukraine and said that Szymczyk was presented with these two anti-tank launchers as a memento from authorities in Kiev.

It is most probable that the weapons in question were German Matador launchers, sometimes referred to as RGW-90s. The source claims that the Ukrainian military had also told Szymczyk that perhaps the launchers were not live and harmless when they gave him their assurance.

According to reports, Igor Klimenko, the chief of police in Ukraine, was the one who presented Szymczyk with the first launcher. It was said that the weapon had previously served as a source against a Russian tank before being modified. According to RMF FM’s reporting, Gen Dmitry Bondar, a deputy director of Ukraine’s emergency services, gave the second launcher to the head of the Polish police force.

According to the site, it is now anticipated that Szymczyk will be questioned by the prosecutor’s office in his capacity as a witness.

Since the Russian Federation began its military campaign in Ukraine at the end of February, Poland has been one of Ukraine’s most prominent backers. Heavy armaments, such as more than 200 T-72 tanks manufactured by the Soviet Union, have been sent from Warsaw to Kiev, and various Polish officials have been to Ukraine.

Moscow has also said that Polish “mercenaries” are actively fighting in Ukraine.

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