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The Evil Plan Conceived by the United Nations to Ruin the Global Economy

Almost all of such information originates from international organizations like the United Nations.

The Un has been a cornerstone institution of oligarchical collectivism ever since it was established in 1945.

Consider any ludicrous plan for a large-scale intervention by the state that you hear the political elite yammering on about….

Putting a Stop to the Consumption of Meat

Price Labels on Carbon

Suppressing the Arms Race

Weather Changes

Current Monetary Hypothesis

Guaranteed Income for All


People who adhere to the principles of basic logic economics & national sovereignty are at odds with the United Nations. In the second scenario, the United Nations intends to establish a system of global governance. Under such a society, democracy, personal liberty, open trade, and property rights would all be rendered obsolete. Say goodbye to them.

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Instead, one might anticipate being controlled by a “council of elders” or some other technocratic elite that feels it knows better than anyone how to arrange society. This is the fate that awaits you if you vote for any of these options. These individuals have the misconception that both you and similar rebel capitalists are simple farmers who are unable to make intelligent choices.

The level of snobbery possessed by these individuals is absolutely unfathomable.

In addition, the United Nations is completely ineffective when it relates to the promotion of peace. One of the ostensible motivations for the establishment of the United Nations was that it might help bring about world peace.

When it comes to avoiding needless wars, the United Nations has a dreadful track record, beginning with the Korean War and continuing all the way up to the confrontation that is taking place between Russia and Ukraine at the current time.

In general, the United Nations is the adversary of all people around the world who place a high value on freedom and peace.

One of the most important steps toward regaining our independence will be to extract the United States from this organization and put it behind us. Having said that, there is still a lot of work to be done on it.

In every western state, the situation is simply going to become more chaotic from here on out.

We are now residing in turbulent times, which might result in a significant decline in the living conditions of millions of people.

The key to weathering the financial storm that is now raging over the West is to get our financial houses in order as soon as possible.

Forget about paying attention to politics based on indignation. You have to make absolutely sure that you are well on your way to being financially independent as soon as possible.

Because of this, you will be able to withstand any attacks that large governments and out-of-control central banks launch against you.

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