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The U-Turn on COVID Mandates: Government’s Denial and the Triumph of Human Rights

In recent times, federal officials seemed intent on implementing mask mandates, COVID-19 testing requirements, vaccine mandates, and vaccine passport systems, all of which raised questions about personal autonomy and threatened our fundamental rights to travel and assemble. These officials pursued policies that sought to segregate those who were “unvaccinated” from the rest of society, leading to coercive measures that resulted in job terminations and military discharges. However, today, these same federal officials appear to be backpedaling on their coercive strategies, even denying their involvement in policies that endangered the lives and livelihoods of fellow Americans.

The Supreme Court Strikes Down the OSHA Vaccine Mandate

In early November 2021, President Joe Biden announced a sweeping “vaccine mandate” for all U.S. employers with over one hundred employees. This controversial measure, perceived by many as a violation of human rights, was executed through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Under this mandate, businesses with one hundred or more employees faced substantial fines if they failed to collect and report their employees’ vaccination status to the federal government. These fines, amounting to $14,000 for each “unvaccinated” employee, effectively coerced individuals out of the workforce. Those deemed “unvaccinated” under the prevailing medical guidelines were considered liabilities and were denied their due process rights. They were also required to undergo weekly COVID-19 tests and wear masks continuously until they complied with the vaccine mandate.

Federal Officials Attempt to Gaslight the Public

Now, federal officials who played a pivotal role in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout are adopting an even bolder narrative—one of denial, gaslighting, and deceit. The Biden administration is now disavowing any involvement in issuing vaccine mandates or compelling people to take what some deem to be ineffective and unsafe vaccines.

During a recent Congressional hearing, Douglas L. Parker, the Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA, flatly denied that the administration ever imposed a vaccine mandate. When questioned about OSHA’s vaccine mandate, he emphatically stated, “That’s categorically untrue. We didn’t threaten anyone, and we didn’t demand that anyone be fired.”

It is striking that the individual who issued a worker vaccine mandate affecting 84 million Americans now has the audacity to deny this fact. OSHA’s emergency temporary standard (ETA) even included language that would have expanded the employer mandate to all businesses, regardless of their employee count. Ultimately, this entire policy was suspended by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and struck down by the Supreme Court.

A Victory for Human Rights and the Rule of Law

Throughout history, the courts have consistently emphasized that OSHA’s authority under § 655(c) is an “extraordinary power” that must be “limited” and “delicately exercised.” In essence, OSHA cannot arbitrarily establish emergency temporary standards, nor can it be used as a political tool to infringe upon individuals’ bodily autonomy in the name of an unproven concept of “safety.”

OSHA’s reliance on non-specific symptom reporting and questionable diagnostic test results was unwarranted and overly burdensome for the workforce. In American law, there are no instances where one person’s fears and government-imposed medical measures can supersede another’s rights to bodily autonomy. Furthermore, the federal government failed to establish that COVID-19 exposure constitutes a workplace hazard, especially in light of ample evidence supporting the protective effects of natural immunity. The court’s rejection of Biden’s unlawful vaccine mandates in the workplace represents a remarkable victory for human rights and the rule of law.

Rewriting History and Gaslighting the Public

However, today, the Biden administration is attempting to rewrite the narrative surrounding their COVID-19 policies, gaslighting the public regarding their efforts to subjugate and segregate, which directly jeopardized our lives and livelihoods. From OSHA to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and across various federal agencies, government officials are now disingenuously distorting the events of 2020 to 2022 in a desperate bid to avoid accountability for their actions.

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