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The Evolution of Liberalism: From the 1960s to Today

In a recent episode of his show, “Tucker on X,” historian Victor Davis Hanson engaged in a thought-provoking discussion with Tucker Carlson about the stark differences between the liberalism of the 1960s and the liberalism, or far-leftism, that we witness today. This article delves into the transformation of liberalism over the decades and explores how modern-day liberalism, in Hanson’s view, has evolved into something characterized by rampant dishonesty, perversion, and corruption.

A Shift in Ideals: From Compassion to Control Victor Davis Hanson highlights a striking shift in the professed ideals of modern-day liberalism. While today’s liberals claim to champion “compassion” and “decency” while striving to “protect American democracy,” Hanson suggests that beneath this rhetoric lies a hidden agenda – the pursuit of their own form of “tolerant” dictatorship.

Hanson asserts, “It’s hard for most Americans to comprehend the total dishonesty of American liberalism. Liberals are now telling us they plan to protect American democracy, and that’s the clearest possible sign that they intend to end it.”

The Threat of Trump and the Battle for Ideology President Donald Trump emerges as a significant threat in the eyes of the modern left, largely due to the stark divergence between his agenda and their own, particularly in upholding traditional American values. According to Hanson, this has led them to view Trump as an “existential threat,” pushing them to employ whatever means they deem necessary to counteract his influence.

“I think they’ve come to the conclusion that Trump is an existential threat, and by association, half the country is to their vision of what they want to transform us into, and so they feel that whatever means necessary are justified,” Hanson said.

The War for Cultural, Economic, and Political Dominance The question arises: which side will ultimately prevail in the ongoing cultural, economic, and political wars? Hanson observes that many Republicans are inadvertently falling into the trap of liberalism by hesitating to fight for what they believe is right, even when confronted with allegations of stolen elections. This reluctance stems from their concern about maintaining their public image at the expense of defending the principles they claim to uphold.

“They are much more concerned about their outward appearance and decorum than with protecting the republic they claim to support and represent. As a result, the Democrats are walking all over them and the country at large.”

The Erosion of Traditional Values As the battle rages on, the traditional boundaries and norms that once made America unique are being discarded and replaced by various forms of moral decay. Hanson emphasizes, “We’re in the middle of a cultural, economic, political revolution. We think that we’re still playing within the same guidelines or parameters, and we’re not. Everything’s under negotiation.”

A Politically Motivated Agenda Hanson maintains that everything being done to Donald Trump at present is politically motivated and biased. Legal actions against him serve as a prime example, conveying the message to Americans that resistance will be met with punitive measures.

“The idea is now that we have the power to do this, and because we have the power to do it, it’s moral and right, and if you don’t like it, what are you going to do about it?” Hanson explained.

A Call to Action for the Future In conclusion, Victor Davis Hanson issues a call to action, particularly in anticipation of the 2024 election, which he believes is at risk of being stolen unless a resolute fight is waged. He emphasizes the need for leaders who are willing to acknowledge the current transformation of the country and assertively address it.

“There are legitimate efforts to rectify and stop this madness. Let’s see what happens in 2024.”

Hanson’s words serve as a reminder that the next 12 to 18 months could be among the most explosive in American history, akin to the turbulence witnessed during the Great Depression. It is a time for vigilance and action, as the nation grapples with the evolving face of liberalism and its implications for the future.

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