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So, are Companies committing suicide by mandating Covid-19 vaccinations for their employees? Let’s get into it, shall we?

Even though the majority of people will most likely never weep over staffing deficiencies in Big Pharma with regard to vaccination manufacturing, this is definitely an issue facing EVERY business enterprise at this moment, and becoming worse.

The typical blame employed to describe these kinds of labor deficiencies is without a doubt the “COVID-19 virus.”

However, as we show here at Real News Cast instances of folks who passed away in the prime of their existence/life soon after getting a COVID-19 injection, we realize that every one of these losses of life and personal injuries is blamed on COVID-19, and never the jab itself. Why is that?

The CDC has recently been labeled by many as a disinformation brainwashing organization that routinely lies to shield Big Pharma, our team has absolutely no idea what the REAL amount of fatalities and even personal injuries might be for those that took the shots.

These experts already acknowledge that around 13,000 individuals passed away in the USA alone, shortly after obtaining the jab in the last 8 calendar months, It’s DOUBLE the level of fatalities/deaths documented from ALL The vaccinations combined for the past three decades. (Source.). Holy crapola…

Add to that the, a substantial chunk of the human population that is going to decline to receive a shot, even though it guarantees being terminated from their employment, well then, I believe we may address the concern presented in the heading of this short article with a guaranteed “YES INDEED.”.

Mandating workers to get a COVID-19 shot as a health condition of employment is financial self-destruction & a horrible business choice/move.

This begs the question:

Are Companies committing suicide by mandating Covid-19 vaccinations for their employees? Are these kinds of organizations carrying out monetary self-destruction by additionally limiting the workforce which is currently seeing enormous shortages since 2020?

I believe the response is most certainly, YES.

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  1. Many whistleblowers from health care are reaching out, tired of the cover-ups, lies, and ultimatums. The harder the tyrants squeeze, the more truth that leaks


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