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A Glimmer of Hope: A Poem about the World We Live in Today

In a world where chaos reigns supreme,
And hope is just a fading dream,
Where greed and hate seem to prevail,
And kindness is often deemed to fail.

Where nations are torn by war and strife,
And people struggle to make a life,
Where the powerful oppress the weak,
And justice seems just out of reach.

Yet amidst the darkness, there is light,
A glimmer of hope shining bright,
For every heart that seeks to love,
And every soul that rises above.

In the smallest act of kindness shown,
And every seed of goodness sown,
There lies the promise of a better day,
A world where peace and love hold sway.

So let us not lose hope or sight,
But stand for what is true and right,
And with each step we take, let us believe,
That a better world, we can achieve.

By Chris Wick

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