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The Plaintiffs in a Lawsuit Claiming That Cellphones Caused Their Brain Cancer Have Their Day in Court

A group of people who claim they got cancer from cellphone radiation filed a case in 2011. The trial is now underway, with the court hearing testimony through the end of the month. Depending on the judge’s decision, the case may go on to a grand jury.

The Murray v. Motorola evidentiary hearings started on September 12 and will end on September 30 at the State Supreme court of the District of Columbia. Before a jury is selected, the case will go through a series of hearings where expert witnesses will testify.

A similar lawsuit brought by the spouse of a man who passed away of an aggressive type of brain cancer purportedly caused by mobile radiation is also heading to trial in a federal district court in Louisiana, which may have consequences for the D.C. case.

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