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Without the knowledge or approval of the general population, the ruling class in the United States is now carrying out a risky and clandestine plan of injecting synthetic mRNA throughout the nation’s food supply of meat and vegetables.

The media has, for the most part, chosen to ignore this, while Parliament has been called out for acting as a cover for Big Pharma. This article highlights the frightening development, the hazards of mRNA vaccinations, and the extent to which the world’s elites, driven by personalities like Klaus Schwab & Bill Gates, plan to vaccinate those who have not been immunized in order to achieve their goal of eradicating this IMAGINARY disease.

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mRNA is being introduced into our food supply by injection.

As a consequence of a sizeable proportion of the populace refusing to comply with the elites’ efforts to compel them to receive vaccinations, the latter have devised ingenious substitute plans to compel the public to receive their shots. This past week, researchers were able to “successfully” immunize mice by giving them cow’s milk that included mRNA. Because of this breakthrough, there are now concerns that commercial dairy will be loaded secretly with mRNA in order to vaccinate individuals who have not previously received the vaccine. Experiments have shown that a little fragment of mRNA may be encapsulated in the exosomes that are found in milk. These exosomes are very small packets. Mice then have the capability of absorbing these exosomes through their digestive systems.

On the other hand, if one abstains from consuming commercial milk, the ruling class has another strategy up their sleeve to put vaccines containing mRNA into plants. This is an additional crime against humanity that has been committed by those at the top of the global power structure. Without the public’s knowledge or consent, they are developing vaccinations that can be grown in plants and then administered to individuals.

Concerns Regarding mRNA Vaccines

When the amount of harm that mRNA vaccinations are causing all across the world is taken into consideration, biotechnology corporations simply can’t get away with referring to mRNA as being a “natural function.” Anyone who advocates for natural processes & treatments has been stigmatized by the establishment, which works in favor of the globalist elite. Even though immunity by itself is a perfectly natural process, the establishment considers it to be nothing more than a “harmful conspiracy theory.”

The mainstream media is using us as a target for gaslighting in the name of the elite because it has fallen out of step with the rest of us. The elites, led by personalities such as Klaus Schwab & Bill Gates, have taken on the role of comic villains; the only difference is that they are genuine and pose a significant threat.

Plans that Bill Gates has for improving the food supply

Bill Gates is showing signs of growing arrogance and has lost any sense of guilt he may have had about publicly revealing his genuine plans for the future of the world. According to him, animals such as chickens, pigs, and cows have genetics that is insufficient, and the only means by which to “fix” them is to “vaccinate” every farm animal in the world with fresh mRNA vaccines. This is the only way to “fix” them. It just so happens that the only kinds of animals in which he has any interest in injecting mRNA are the kinds of animals that will eventually be consumed by people all over the world.

In Gates’ opinion, food supplies will continue to be “dirty” unless all livestock on farms is dosed with mRNA and the most recent toxins developed by Big Pharma. Only he or his globalist minions can “sanitize” nature using new chemicals and techniques for modifying DNA, which is something that they are also attempting to do to us.

Congress is full of loopholes.

Lawyer Thomas Renz has found a number of loopholes that were constructed by Congress, which means that there is a possibility that mRNA is already present in the food supply in the United States. There are concrete plans in motion to also incorporate mRNA vaccines into plants, and this work is now under progress. The elites are not holding back and are conducting operations on several fronts, all of which are meant to coerce those who have not been vaccinated.

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