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Ontario College of Psychologists to penalize Jordan Peterson

penalize Jordan Peterson

According to a court application that was submitted to the Ontario Divisional Court, the attempt by the Ontario College of Psychologists to penalize Jordan Peterson violates his charter rights to free speech. The motion was made in the context of the court’s consideration of the matter.

According to Jordan Peterson, the Ontario College of Psychologists must have received a significant number of complaints regarding his behavior ever since he came to celebrity. Peterson disputes these allegations

Postmedia was able to get a hold of the petition for the judicial process that was filed on the 30th of December. The solicitors for such controversial Canadian psychologist & author of two books on self-help argue that the college’s decision to insist that Peterson join remedial training on social networking conduct violates the charter. Peterson is known for his controversial views and for writing two books on self-help. They have requested that the disciplinary judgment be overturned and that psychologists not be allowed to regulate “otherwise legitimate public discourse on subjects unrelated to the profession of psychology.”

Peterson, who is also a podcast presenter on the right-wing Daily Wire network, informed Postmedia on Thursday that “we determined that the best approach to oppose this would be through the courts on constitutional grounds.” There is no reason for anybody to have faith in the procedure at the institution, even myself.

According to Peterson, the college has had a number of complaints about his behavior since he rose to fame, beginning in 2016 over his concerns about sections of a law that’d add safeguards for transgender Canadians to human rights codes. Peterson claims that the college has received these complaints about his behavior.

On Thursday evening, Peterson uploaded a document to the internet that details a number of such complaints from 2022. These complaints include concerns over his Twitter posts about a plus-sized Sports Illustrated model, Elliot Page’s gender transition, his views on climate change, and his “aggressive” conduct towards Gerald Butts, who was the former principal secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Peterson posted the document online.

As a reaction to the allegations that were made against Peterson, the college has mandated that he participate in media training at his own cost or face the possibility of having his license to practice medicine in Ontario suspended. In 2017, Peterson suspended his own private practice as a clinical psychologist, although he maintains his license to work in this field. In addition to that, he held the position of Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto.

Several of the complaints that Peterson released on Thursday made reference to psychological procedures. These practices include forced reporting of child abuse or neglect, treatment of eating disorders and gender dysphoria, and mandatory reporting of child abuse or neglect.

The legal document, on the other hand, argues that Peterson’s statements are “far removed from the practice of psychology,” and that as a result, the decision “was unreasonable & unduly infringes upon (Peterson’s) freedom of thought in direct violation of his Charter rights. As a result, the document states that the decision “was unreasonable & unduly infringes upon (Peterson’s) free expression.

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