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German Health Minister Wants Attention

German Minister of Health Wanted Attention

If Jens Spahn the German Health Minister wanted attention, he sure picked the right time and words.

Germans, this person said, will be the end of wintertime “you will most likely be immunized, recovered or dead.”

Austria, on the other hand, went back to a major lockdown this month in the face of the 4th wave, which as of today has Europe in its grip once again as it appears to be pinging from region to region. Amazing how smart this virus is, it knows what time it is, where you live, and even knows to watch for you entering a restaurant, but then, leaves you alone while you are eating…

People react the way they do because they went to demonstrations in close proximity of each other, in some cases leading to violence, in thick crowds, almost certain to circulate the virus further. Where have we heard this crap before?

They even went as far as to change The Definition Of a Pandemic.

The good news is that TV Doctor Fauci Is In DEEP DOO DOO.

Gov. Spencer Cox from Utah used language that, although not as stark as Spahn’s, still promoted this point. “Continuous high levels of community transmission continue to jeopardize the overall health of Utahns statewide,” this person suggested. Still, NO PROOF of any of these allegations, just his word, and we must believe him and others like him, simply because they say so. Well, I’m NOT buying it, are you?

Man O Man, what a difference a year does NOT make.

Let’s just say that you were teleported from last Thanksgiving to today, you might barely notice the difference, other than a lot of folks right now seems to be content ignoring the sick and even the dying. A new poll found 74% of Americans strongly believe their lives have gone back to at least somewhat normal. Of those NOT vaccinated, 65% see C…V…19 as either a minor threat or absolutely NO threat at all.

And yet, the trumped-up numbers say a different tale. We may be living like normal, but the entire world around us is anything but normal, much as it was last Thanksgiving.

A number of the so-called experts say “herd immunity may NOT be achievable” because of the new variants, and subsiding immunity levels that leave even fully immunized people vulnerable. hmm, could the shot have anything to do with this?

Germany’s health minister may have been melodramatic. However, people in the United States and Cabada a year ago might not have foreseen the nation approaching 800,000 deaths, especially if you told them several reliable vaccines would be available free of charge.

The only question is, What’s triggering these deaths? Is it The Virus or the Shot?

We didn’t have to be in this situation, it ALL stops if we JUST SAY NO... Let’s hope we aren’t still in it a year from now.

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