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The Nuclear Facility in Ukraine Lost Power – People are Scared for their Lives

Troops guard the Nuclear Facility in Ukraine Lost Power

As the fighting in the area continues, the nuclear plant that is located near the front line of the battle experienced another Nuclear Facility in Ukraine Lost Power, fueling fear of radiation.

According to the (IAEA), the Zaporizhzhia plant, which is Europe’s biggest, had the last of its remaining external energy line cut off. However, a backup line continued to deliver electricity to the grid even after the main line was severed. According to a statement released by the agency, only 1 of the station’s 6 reactors is now operating normally.

The plant, which was taken by Russian troops early on February 24th, has emerged as a central focus of the war, with both sides accusing the other of shelling the surrounding area.

The West and Ukraine have accused Russia of concealing heavy weaponry at the location in order to deter Ukraine from striking it. Putin, who denies the existence of any weapons, has rejected international efforts to move soldiers and demilitarise the area, despite the fact that these calls have come from other countries.

On Saturday, the Russian ministry of defence made the accusation that Ukrainian forces had attempted to seize the plant but were unsuccessful. Turkey has made an offer to help ease the tensions.

Fears of a radioactive disaster, according to the Red Cross, could result in a significant crisis for the civilian population that has been sparked by constant artillery bombardment.

On Sunday, shelling intensified in the vicinity of Kherson as Ukrainian forces attempted to reclaim the city after it had been controlled by Russian troops for several months. Residents in the area said that forces affiliated with Ukraine burned a recreation centre where Russian soldiers were staying.

An armoured Russian vehicle is seen in the Russia-controlled city of Kherson – Nuclear Facility in Ukraine Lost Power [File: Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters]

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